Incoming Freshman Spotlight: Jatashun “Big Tex” Beachum

Chase SessomsContributor IApril 7, 2010

Arkansas recruits the state of Texas extremely hard.

Their recent 10-year deal with Texas A&M and Jerry World in Dallas has many Arkansas fans/recruiting nuts hoping that the Razorbacks can start a pipeline in the Dallas Metro area.

Jatashun “Big Tex” Beachum just might be the first of many Dallas recruits to jump on board.

Beachum is a unique talent. He’s a 6'2", 275-lb (his weight fluctuates depending on what recruiting site you follow, some list him as big as 290 lbs) high school quarterback that runs a 4.6 in the 40 and is plenty agile.

So what do you do with someone that big and fast? There are a number of options.

Bobby Petrino has always had an affinity for “big backs," somewhat speedy guys with the bulk to get the hard-earned yards in short yardage situations.

If they decide to make him a running back, I can see him taking a redshirt year to trim off the baby fat (Sorry, Big Tex) and maybe improve his speed. If this is the game plan he could end up resembling one of Petrino’s former Louisville players, Michael Bush.

Arkansas already has a stable of running backs. Ronnie Wingo has reportedly beefed up to 230 lbs and Knile Davis has added weight, he’s now in the 220-lb range.

With Arkansas offering a number of big running backs for 2011, would it make more sense to put Big Tex on the other side of the ball?

It hasn’t completely been ruled out yet. Someone that big and agile would be a great addition at defensive end or maybe as an outside linebacker. That kind of speed and size rushing off the edge would intimidate just about any quarterback into making a bad decision (or just freezing and soiling themselves).

Big Tex could end up being like another one of Bobby Petrino’s Louisville players, current Denver Broncos star Elvis Dumervil. Elvis has made a name for himself in the NFL as a force coming of the edge.

If Beachum can learn good technique he could end up as a defensive superstar. I’m sure Steve Caldwell is already lobbying to have him under his wing.

With so many possibilities for Big Tex there’s no way to know where he’ll end up until the fall. I personally would like to see him on defense. 

Someone that big and agile is terrifying. With his size and speed he could greatly enhance the Arkansas front seven. But, I’m going to defer to Bobby Petrino on this one. I have a feeling wherever Bobby decides to put him it will be the right place.