UFC 112: Live Results and Play-by-Play of the Action in Abu Dhabi

Erik FontanezCorrespondent IApril 10, 2010


This article contains detailed analysis of UFC 112, including the results from all five fights. If you plan to watch delayed television coverage this evening, please do yourself a favor and read another article.

Scroll down for play-by-play analysis of each fight.



Anderson Silva vs. Demian Maia (middleweight title)

Result: Judges score the fight a unanimous decision for Silva. Bruce Buffer didn't even call the scores on the cards. Very one-sided.


BJ Penn vs. Frankie Edgar (lightweight title)

Result: Judges score it 50-45, 48-47, 49-46 for Frankie Edgar by unanimous decision for a new UFC lightweight champion.


Matt Hughes vs. Renzo Gracie (welterweight)

Result: Matt Hughes defeats Renzo Gracie by TKO at 4:40 of Round Three.


Terry Etim vs. Rafael dos Anjos (lightweight)

Result: Rafael dos Anjos submits Terry Etim at 4:30 of Round Two (armbar).


Kendall Grove vs. Mark Munoz (middleweight)

Result: Mark Munoz defeats Kendall Grove by TKO at 2:50 of Round Two.



The Ultimate Fighting Championship makes its first trip to the Middle East with UFC 112: Invincible.

The undercard is scheduled to start at 10:30 a.m. ET, 7:30 a.m. PT, and Bleacher Report MMA is happy to provide live, up-to-the-minute coverage of the action in the Octagon, so keep checking back to get frequent updates on what's going on in the desert.

UFC 112 takes place in the Concert Arena of Ferrari World on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Headlining the card will be a middleweight title fight, as Anderson Silva defends his belt against No. 1 contender Demian Maia, while in the co-main event, BJ Penn defends his lightweight title against Frankie "The Answer" Edgar.

Also highlighted on the card is a clash between two legends of the sport, as Matt Hughes takes on a UFC-debuting Renzo Gracie in a welterweight affair.

In the words of "Big" John McCarthy, LET'S GET IT ON!



Mostapha Al-Turk vs. Jon Madsen (heavyweight)

Result: John Madsen defeats Mostapha Al-Turk via unanimous decision, scored 29-28 by all three judges.


Paul Kelly vs. Matt Veach (lightweight)

Result: Paul Kelly taps out Matt Veach by guillotine at 3:41 of the second round.


DaMarques Johnson vs. Brad Blackburn (welterweight)

Result: DaMarques Johnson makes a comeback and stops Brad Blackburn in the third via TKO due to strikes at the 2:08 mark.


Nick Osipczak vs. Rick Story (welterweight)

Result: Rick Story defeats Nick Osipczak via split decision.


Phil Davis vs. Alex Gustfasson (light heavyweight)

Result: Phil Davis wins via submission (anaconda choke) at 4:55 of Round One. Davis likely headed to some better competition on a main card next time.

Note: For all those looking for our results on Paul Taylor and John Gunderson, the fight was cancelled due to Paul Taylor being medically uncleared to fight. Reports say that he woke up with migraines.



The main card and PPV portion is starting now, and one can't help but notice how beautiful the Ferrari World complex is.

It's very exciting to see the UFC take this trip out to the Middle East and showcase the sport's biggest show in a country it's never been to.

There is a giant cover over the Octagon, but it doesn't enclose the arena, so the outdoor aspect is all there. The undercard fighters didn't seem to have a problem with the climate. Let's see how the main card guys do.

For those American fans who weren't able to make the trip out to Abu Dhabi, it's nighttime there and somewhere in the late morning/early afternoon in the States.  

At this point, Mark Munoz and Kendall Grove are getting ready to get their fight on a-rumbling, so here we go!


Kendall Grove vs. Mark Munoz (middleweight)

Round One

Munoz goes for a takedown but the fight gets back to the feet.  Grove hits Munoz with a big shot and Munoz holds onto the leg to try and recover.  

Halfway through the round, Grove has the edge in the stand up.  Grove goes for a choke that gets people excited, but Munoz gets out only later to get into a guillotine that, thankfully for him, he escapes.  

Lots of submission attempts in the first round by Grove.  He takes the round 10-9.


Round Two

Munoz starts throwing haymakers but gets caught and the fight goes to the ground. Grove's long limbs are giving him an advantage with these submission attempts.  Grove now attempting an armbar but Munoz gets out.

Munoz now takes position and utilizes some ground and pound.  Lots of power on display by Munoz in the guard of Grove.

Something lit a fire under Munoz and he hits Grove with several strikes in the ground and pound.  Blow after blow, Grove covers himself up and the ref stops the fight!



Mark Munoz defeats Kendall Grove by TKO at 2:50 of Round Two.


Terry Etim vs. Rafael dos Anjos (lightweight)

Round One

Chant of "Terry" goes on in the crowd.  Etim looks like the longer fighter with a stand-up edge.  dos Anjos gets the takedown but goes right into a guillotine.  Etim is holding onto this submission but not sure it's smart to gas himself like that.

Dos Anjos gets out and transitions from guard to side control.  Ref stops action to warn dos Anjos about kneeing Etim in the spine and the fight continues on the feet.

Tim escapes a heel hook after dos Anjos gets the fight to the ground and defends from his back.

Dos Anjos really wants to get a hold of one of those long legs of Etim.  Round ends with grappling on the ground.

Round of cheers for GSP on the big screen.


Round Two

Round starts with trading of kicks from both fighters but just a after a minute, dos Anjos gets the fight to the ground with a takedown and gets into side control.

Lots of ground work by dos Anjos and Etim is scrambling to defend.  Etim's face is eating a lot of short elbows here and dos Anjos is controlling this round.

Etim is going to have to get this fight to the feet if he wants to make something happen.  Dos Anjos now going for a submission attempt and gets the armbar.  Beautiful jiu-jitsu by dos Anjos.


Rafael dos Anjos submits Terry Etim at 4:30 or round 2 (armbar)


Taking a short intermission now while the viewers at home get to watch Phil Davis do his thing on a prelim fight. This guy has a big future ahead of him if he keeps doing what he does at light heavyweight.

Matt Hughes vs. Renzo Gracie (welterweight)

Gracie enters the octagon to a loud ovation and some Middle Eastern music playing. Fans love it!

Matt Hughes now entering the arena and, of course, country music playing for his choice of melody.  Crowd likes that just as much!


Round One

The fight starts out with both fighters testing each other's distance but no big shots have landed.  Hughes utilizing some body kicks, for a change.  Renzo lands a couple shots with some pretty impressive boxing but no major damage.

Is it a surprise that halfway through the round, Hughes hasn't put this fight on the ground?  Maybe, but, of course, Gracie is a ground wizard.  

Hughes still going back to the leg kicks but not sure they're making a lot of dents.  Not a lot of action in that round from both fighters but it appears Renzo might have taken it with the strikes on the feet 10-9.


Round Two

Matt Hughes lands a couple of leg kicks starts to shake Renzo a bit.  This fight seems to stay on the feet, which is kind of a surprise with the fighters being a wrestler and a grappler.

These leg kicks Hughes is throwing are starting to take their toll on Renzo so he better check them or do something to counter them.

Not a whole lot going on with a minute and a half left and spectators are starting to whistle for something to happen.  Round finishes out against the cage and a couple of knees traded between the legends.


Round Three

Renzo is looking a little bit more gassed than Hughes and you can see it in the lack of speed in his punches.  

Hughes starting to land a bit more with the punches and he is still using those leg kicks on Renzo with no defense on the part of the Gracie family member.

Renzo starting to eat even more shots and looks very wobbly.  Hughes lands leg kicks that put Renzo down twice.  Hughes even helps Renzo up off the ground at one point and the crowd boos.  

Renzo has had it in this one and doesn't seem to even want to stand with Hughes. Matt Hughes lands a combo that puts Renzo down for good and wins with strikes.



Matt Hughes defeats Renzo Gracie by TKO at 4:40 of round 3


BJ Penn vs. Frankie Edgar (lightweight title)

Frankie Edgar enters the octagon to Biggie's Kick in the Door.  Classic DJ Premier produced track.

BJ Penn enters to his Hawaiian-themed song as he usually does.  This happens to be one of my favorite entrance songs.

Since this is the lightweight title fight, the bout is scheduled for five rounds.  


Round One

Round begins with crowd chanting "BJ" and distances are being measured and Edgar lands a leg kick.  Surprisingly, there isn't a lot going on with half the round gone. Edgar seems to be moving a lot and trying to keep his distance with leg kicks.

By my count, Edgar has already beaten Diego Sanchez's number of strikes landed on Penn. BJ now finding where he wants to land his punches towards the last minute of the round.  Edgar attempts a hip toss but BJ just pushes him off and the round ends.


Round Two

BJ has a cut under his left eye but appears to have won the last round because he controlled the octagon and landed some cleaner strikes.  Edgar attempts another takedown, but Penn, of course, stuffs it.

Frankie is fast and keeps moving but Penn is countering with almost every low kick Edgar throws.  BJ looking very calm and waiting for something to happen.  

Just over a minute left and Penn is controlling the center of the octagon and countering a lot of Edgar's quickness.

Edgar takes down Penn but Penn gets immediately back up like he bounced off the canvas.  Round ends with a small trade between the fighters but no big damage.


Round Three

Penn still looking very relaxed and countering a lot when Edgar comes forward.  This seems to be the only theme of the fight along with BJ's control of the center of the octagon.

I think Penn is happy with just doing this the entire time until he hits Edgar enough to rattle him.  

What Edgar is doing a little differently from BJ's other opponents is faking takedowns and switching to punches and kicks.  

They are landing but Penn has landed more counters with head shots.  Round over and Penn is up 3-0 on my card.


Round Four

Round four starts with BJ throwing a strong leg kick in the first minute.  One thing we should mention is BJ looks a little bit chubbier than he has in previous lightweight fights and may look a little slower.

Frankie Edgar is pretty fast, though, so that might have something to do with it.  Lots of lateral movement by Edgar and trying to stick and move.

BJ lands nice jab but ends up against the cage in what seems like the first time in this fight, but fight gets back to the middle of the octagon.  

Not too much action at the end of the round but Edgar may have won round four by changing the control of he fight.  Tough round to call though.


Round Five

Edgar takes down Penn!  Stayed on the ground for all of 4 seconds, though. BJ's got some facial scars from Edgar's strikes so this fight is getting a bit interesting towards the end.

Edgar still looking very fresh while Penn seems to be slowing down a bit.  Hard right hand by Edgar but fight still on the feet.  Two minutes left and Edgar is going for takedowns but Penn is still stuffing them.

Towards the end of the round Penn looks very tired and Edgar raises his hands as the horn blows.  Decision time!  Could there be an upset?



Judges score it 50-45, 48-47, 49-46 for Frankie Edgar by unanimous decision and new UFC lightweight champion


Anderson Silva vs. Demian Maia (middleweight title)

Demian Maia enters the octagon to some rock music I can't identify, but if he pulls off another title upset, it won't matter (to me or anyone).

Anderson Silva enters the usual DMX track he always does.  Anderson is the best pound-for-pound fighter on the planet and Maia could be in for a hell of a fight.


Round One

Silva begins the fight very relaxed while Maia appears a bit jumpy.  Silva looks like he's waiting for mistake on Maia's part.  Typical Anderson waiting in the first round.  Strong low kick from Silva spins Maia around like nothing.

Anderson starting to open up and playing with Maia like he's in another league above Maia.  Anderson doesn't seem to take Maia very serious and lands a flying knee that floors Maia but Silva lets him get back up.  

Silva's hands are down and Silva is outright with his opponent.  10-9 round for Silva.


Round Two

Anderson almost dancing around to a beat with Maia being a joke in the eyes of the champion.  Silva, at one point, even does some Capoiera.

Every now and then, Silva lands an accurate punch. Silva now getting frustrated and demanding Maia show him something he can fight.

Silva taunting the challenger to hit him.  Maia looks very timid against Silva and won't commit to anything.  Silva just landing pepper shots anytime he wants.  This fight is the definition of "one-sided."


Round Three

Maia's face is bleeding and Silva looks bored with this.  Lots of side kicks to spice things up by Silva but nothing big.  Silva still dancing around and showboating but not as much as round two.  

Maia still won't stand with Silva and the champion even throws a punch to the thigh. Silva tries to hide behind the ref but gets pushed back into what was supposed to be a fight.  Round ends and Maia is nowhere near Silva in the score cards.


Round Four

This fight was over two rounds ago but we're in the championship rounds now. Anderson Silva could put Maia away at anytime but refuses to do it which brings out some boo birds in the crowd.  

Anderson Silva might be doing the showboating as a call to the UFC for some better fights.  Crowd is tired of the slow pace of the fight and starts chanting "Maia, Maia, Maia."  Now the crowd chanting, "GSP."

Crazy happenings in the main event.  Never seen this before.  Last thirty seconds and the fighters are upset with each other over not engaging the other.  Round ends and I'm sure Dana White is pissed off with the non-fight this has become.


Round Five

Maia's left eye is closed shut and he can't see out of it.  Maia now lands a shot and going for broke!  Throwing shots from the knees is Maia!  Crowd is loving Maia doing his thing and swinging for the fences.  

Maia trying to get the fight to ground, but Silva is too slippery.  Ref stops the action and warns Silva not to run around anymore or he's going to take a point away and the crowd loves it.

The fight goes the distance and the crowd boos, but then, chants "Maia, Maia, Maia." Silva looked thoroughly bored in the second half of the fight.



Judges score the fight a unanimous decision for Silva.  Bruce Buffer didn't even call the scores on the cards.  Very one sided.

Silva has left the crowd frustrated, and the fans let him know about. Silva apologizes, but this is becoming a trend for him.

Now, Georges St-Pierre awaits in the wings for Silva to cut weight and fight at 170 pounds.


Submission of the Night: Rafael dos Anjos