Why Anderson Silva should get in The Cage With Nick Diaz

jason hughesCorrespondent IApril 11, 2010

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Anderson Silva, as evidenced by this past weekends title defense against an overly matched Damien Maia, likes to "showboat," and goof around a little while fighting "out of his league" opponent's.

Strikeforce Welterweight, and possibly pound for pound top MMA fighter Nick Diaz, 21-7, 11 KO's, is a hot shot Gracie ju jitsu black belt, with a long-range, and very  lethal south-paw-style, and he also likes to goof a little.

He and his younger UFC brother Nate, with their hand dangling, orangutan poses, and taunting of their frustrated opponents, have somewhat become the virtual "Clown Princes" of the MMA world.

Of course it isn't as much clowning, as it is a style that the Diaz brothers seemed to have picked up from someone, or possibly just something that they adopted when they were younger when sparring with each other, never the less, picture perfect boxing, it isn't.

And while Silva seems intent on showboating for the entire duration of his fights, or until he gets bored and decides to end them, Nick Diaz usually waits 'til after he has put in some of his best work in the cage, has gotten the feel and the better of his opponent, then he goes to work with the flaunt's.

It is highly effective, as evidenced by his knock out wins over Robbie Lawler, Gleison Tibau, and more recently over a highly touted  Marius Žaromskis, yet it's just not quite equal to the theatrical display Spider Silva.

Diaz usually doesn't have the luxury of showboating quite as much as Anderson "The Spider" Silva, for recently the elder Diaz has been fighting with guy's that are more on par with his level than Silva has.

But while thinking about comparing the two's sportsmanship, I could not stop thinking how a fight between the two very similar, yet vastly different fighters, would go down.

Now we all know that the betting line for Silva would be massive, but in my opinion I can see this as a very thrilling fight, with a lot of great boxing or stand up punching, however you want to say it.

Think about this, Silva has tremendous power with his hands, but Nick has taken shots before from "power punchers," and usually shrugs it off.

Or, he will go down and roll out of damage, instead of going down and then laying face up with his legs spread, for someone to deliver a finishing shot, ala Minotauro Nogueira

And as good as Silva may be on the ground, It is purely my opinion that "Nick" is the better of the two at the jujitsu game, with a little more of an edge to Diaz for his knowledge of wrestling.

Ask Frank Shamrock wether Diaz has any power in those hands, on national television he said no but just between Frank's left ear and his right ear there is a little secret that I bet he would not pass a lie detector test if asked again.

If Diaz could stun Anderson, and that is a big if, for Anderson would likely put forth one of his patented impressive outings against big name fighters, but if he could stun the Brazilian I would look for Nick to display his notorious killer instinct and not stop punching until round eight—of the three round fight, if you get my meaning.

Diaz is the tall lanky MMA version of champion boxer Manny Pacquiao, he simply does not tire, and he can rip off more punches consecutively than Toyota can make defective cars.

While a lot is said about Andrei Arlovski and Anderson Silva being able to successfully cross over into professional boxing, I think that Diaz is very underrated in that area, and possibly overlooked when the subject is brought up.

Diaz might not hit as hard as the two fighters, but I believe him to be more accurate with his punches, and makes better use of his right lead jab,  and also without a doubt has more stamina in his arms.

The bottom line is the Nick Diaz would never be the favorite in a fight with Anderson Silva.

However, I do have a sneaking feeling that he could possibly give "The Spider" all, or more than he could handle, and at the very least make Silva give everybody what they really want.

And what is it that we really want to see from Silva? 

Well, how about an entertaining fight for once.