Fantasy Football: Guide to Glory

Barrett HargerCorrespondent IJuly 14, 2008

Feel lost, confused, and unsure of how to play fantasy football? Why, you have entered to right place.

Just to prove that I actually know what I'm doing, I've had seven teams made the playoffs seven times, made the championship game five times, and won twice. 

There were at least 10 players in each league (I would have made and won another if the commissioner of the league wouldn't have cheated).

Ok, so here is how it goes. Do not buy a billion magazines and believe everything they say, just use them as a guide or something to base things on, rather than obey it's every command.

Prepare! Make a list of player rankings by position first, not overall.  It will get confusing. So once you got the rankings of players by position then decide what positions you need once your pick is up.

Stay away from: rookies that don't play RB, players moving to new teams, RBs who play on a team that cannot pass unless they are Adrian Peterson good, QBs who have yet to prove themselves, and inconsistent players.

Consistency is the most important thing in Fantasy Football.

RBs: Drafting a runningback high can really come back and kick your butt, so if you do, make sure it's LT, Peterson, Westbrook, or Addai. Runningbacks have been the elite players over the years but are steadily decreasing because of two backs systems.

That's not the only reason to stay away from them. Some of them have really bad injury problems, can have serious down years, and also every year there are 3-4 really good runners that come out of nowhere.

Last year, Earnest Graham, Ryan Grant, Justin Fargas, and even Michael Smith were able to produce well.

Get a top five Tight End: Seriously, draft Antonio Gates.  Don't pick him in the first two rounds, but if you get him in the fourth round, it's a great investment. I have had him on almost all of my teams.

He is consistent and puts up pro-bowl receiver type of numbers that other TE's have not been able to do. Also, after about five or six Tight Ends are taken, it is a huge drop off. You might get a good TE, but they won't be Gates, Witten, Gonzalez, or Winslow.

On defenses, pay attention to the schedule of their opponents. Bad offenses can make defenses look good, therefore can give you big points.

The Jaguars have a better defense than the Broncos but if the Jags play Indy and the Broncos play Oakland who would you want to start?


QBs: Brady, P. Manning, Romo, Brees, Palmer, Hasselbeck, D. Anderson, McNabb, Garrard, Roethlisberger, Rivers, Delhomme, A-Rod (if favre doesn't come back), Cutler, Bulger, Eli, Garcia, Schaub, Campbell.  If these QBs are gone, you're screwed.

RBs: LT, Peterson, Addai, Westbrook, Barber 3.0, S. Jackson, W. Parker, R. Brown, J. Lewis, W. McGahee, F. Taylor, C. Portis, R.Grant, M. Lynch, E. James, M. Turner,  Maroney, F. Gore, L. Johnson, B. Jacobs, R. Johnson, T. Jones, Jones-Drew, Bush, McAllister, S. Young, L. White, Chester Taylor, Justin Fargas, McFadden, Julius Jones, Felix Jones.

WRs: R. Moss, T.O., R. Wayne, Steve Smith (CAR), Braylon, Fitzgerald, Holt, Plaxico, Ocho Cinco, Boldin, B. Marshall, Colston, Roy Williams, TJ. Who's Your Momma, Joey Galloway, G. Jennings, Welker, Marvin Harrison, Roddy White, Hines Ward, D. Driver, Chambers, Calvin Johnson, Engram, Bowe, Branch, J. Walker.

Watch out for: Justin Forsett (RB,Seattle), Robert Meachem, Sidney Rice, Tedd Ginn, DeSean Jackson, Steve Slaton, Chris Perry, Troy Smith, Matt Jones, Jerome Simpson, Kevin Jones, Lamont Jordan, Chris Johnson, Ray Rice, DeShaun Foster, Nate Burleson, Drew Bennett, Reggie Brown, Muhsin Muhammad, Ernest Wilford, Bryant Johnson, Darrell Jackson, Limas Sweed, Visanthe Shiancoe, Dustin Keller, Leonard Pope, Mercedes Lewis,