My Town Rocks- Atlanta, Georgia

Stephen BlackAnalyst IJuly 14, 2008

Quick- what is the only city that can say that it currently is home to a franchise in each of the four major American sports and has hosted a Super Bowl as well as the Summer Olympic Games? If you said Atlanta, you are correct.

For a city that was recently named "The Most Miserable Sports City,” Atlanta does not seem to be doing so badly. The article was obviously focused solely on professional sports. However, as an Atlantan might tell you, there is a lot more to the American sports scene than just pro sports.

In the last 15 years "The A", as it is known locally, has hosted the 1996 Summer Olympic Games, two Super Bowls, two Final Fours, the Women's Final Four, multiple World Series', the MLB All-Star game, the NHL All-Star Game, the NBA All-Star game, and playoff games from the four major professional sports.

Not too shabby for a so-called miserable sports town. In addition to those events, the city also hosts the Chick-fil-a Bowl as well as the SEC Football Championship on a yearly basis. Other guests include the SEC basketball tournament, the ACC basketball tournament, NCAA Basketball Regionals, and NASCAR events.

Compared to other large cities in the nation, Atlanta is by far the best place to be for a college sports fan. The city is home to large alumni bases from pretty much every SEC and ACC school, not to mention large constituencies from most other major conference as well. Within a four-hour drive of the city, you can see a game at Georgia Tech, Georgia, Auburn, Clemson, Alabama, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, or South Carolina. Just a little further is Florida State, Florida, Kentucky, Ole Miss, and Mississippi State.

If you like to spend time on the links, Atlanta is home to some of the best golf courses in the country. Because of these world-renown courses, the city has hosted two major PGA events- the U.S. Open and the PGA Championship. Augusta, which hosts the Masters, is only a two-hour drive away.
In addition to the myriad of sporting events that Atlanta hosts, the area is also home to some of the best homegrown talent in the nation. College and pro scouts spend quite a bit of money and time on trips to the Atlanta area to scout talent.

Atlanta is the anchor of talent in the state of Georgia, which is one of the top states in producing football, baseball, and basketball players for both college and professional sports.

No matter what season it is, you can always find an important and intriguing sporting event taking place in Atlanta. Clearly, this city is a sports fan's dream.