The Real Fantasy Basketball and Hockey Seasons Start Now

David LowitzContributor IApril 14, 2010

During the time we've been running I've come to really appreciate the playoffs.  Any playoffs.  Any sport.  Even NASCAR's "Chase".  Hell, even the Little League World Series puts me in a good frame of mind.

Is it the drama?  The fact that every pitch, free throw, play, shot and lap count?  The intensity?  The raw emotion shown through both the elation of victory and the crushing blows of a sudden death loss?

Maybe.  It could be any or all of those reasons.  But for the past two years I've developed a deeper love of the post season because this is when daily fantasy sports move to the forefront of the fantasy players' minds.  Your "traditional, season-long" fantasy basketball or fantasy hockey league have either ended recently or you've been out of contention for weeks or even months.  But daily fantasy sports roll on. 

Rather than spending the next couple weeks over analyzing the upcoming NFL draft or the spring and summer months sitting around counting the days 'til your first fantasy football draft, you can still get your hoops and pucks fantasy fix by participating in daily fantasy hockey and daily fantasy basketball contests.

Contests?  Yes, contests.  Not leagues.  Leagues imply a set group of participants who you compete against for an entire season.  Contests only last a single day.  Get in.  Select a line-up.  Watch your line-up kick the snot out of your opponent's line-up.  Collect your cash.  Get out. Simple.  Good.  Fun.

If the idea of making money on a daily basis during the playoffs from your fantasy skills sounds appealing to you, then find a daily fantasy sports site.  Stat.  Now.  Don't wait any longer.  Personally, I think you should try  No other site gives you the combination of a huge variety of contests, ease of use and fantastic customer service. 

The post season is about to become your favorite time of year too.