The Award For Best Off Season Moves Goes To...The Miami Dolphins!

Sonny ClarkCorrespondent IApril 14, 2010

DENVER - NOVEMBER 02:  Wide receiver Brandon Marshall #15 of the Denver Broncos makes a reception and eludes the defense of Jason Allen #32 and Tyrone Culver #29 of the Miami Dolphins before being nulified by a penalty during NFL action at Invesco Field at Mile High on November 2, 2008 in Denver, Colorado. The Dolphins defeated the Broncos 26-17.  (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

With their quarterback Chad Henne signed sealed delivered and in their hip pocket, the Dolphins were looking to make a big slash in Free Agency. They did a jack knife off the highest board and they drenched any and all other teams in the NFL.

Yesterday's signing of Brandon Marshall, all but sealed the deal with the Dolphins making the most of talent all ready in the NFL, to add to their team. Thus giving them my vote for having best Free Agency period and off season in the NFL.

Bill Parcells along with his head coach decided they need to make a difference this next season. I think most fans recognized that they would be an improved team, however could end up with a worse record then 2008. And they did, with no playoffs in 2009. Bill Parcells did not want to be in that same boat this season.

Yesterday's big time pick-up of Brandon Marshall, and of other big pick ups this off season, shows the Dolphins are serious about contending this up-coming season. 2.5 million on a great wide receiver, he literally stole the player before anyone had a chance to jump at him. Seattle showed they were asleep at the wheel and wished it would only cost the 2.5 million for a number one W.R. that they desperately needed. Marshall stats line of 1120 yards with 10 TDs was enough for him to hop a plane and go cross country to be on arguably the best team in the AFC East.

Marshall is not called “Little T.O.” for nothing. He has the size and power to muscle most passes away form defenders, and is a very good route runner, when he wants to be. He will be the Dolphins “go to guy” when a big play is need on the offensive side of the ball. As far as having problems with a troubled receiver, if there is anyone who knows troubled players better then Parcells, I would love to know whom that is. Parcells has history with troubled players in the past, and he eventually beat them down. I think Marshall is different.

Marshall wants to win, and if he is part of that game plan there will be no problem. Notice how I did not say main focal point of the offense. The Dolphins have many focal points on the offence that can be used. He will get a the ball when it is needed for the team, and I think he knows that going in. This was the icing on the cake as far as I am concerned for a great Free Agency period.

With the release of Joey Porter, The Miami Dolphins go after a prime time player in Karlos Dansby. In turn it was more of a trade, and the Cardinals now know why the Fins were not big fans of Porter after his arrest. Yes I know Porter had the case dropped, but still having a guy like that on the Cardinals, head case comes to mind, and the Dolphins have a tendency to get rid of head cases. In comes Dansby. Arguably the key to the Cardinals success for the past two years on the defensive side of the ball. He will fill Porter’s roll easily, and will have success with the Fins. Never mind with Parcells and company in charge of his career, he will also become even richer. His lucrative contract all ready shows what they think he will do. If he shows it…the Fins could be happy for a VERY LONG TIME with Dansby on the team.

The Fins are depending big time after week 8 on DT Jason Ferguson. Ferguson has been suspended for eight games by the NFL, for violating the NFL’s policy on substance enhancing drugs. However the Fins want him to be ready for the playoff run they expect to be in. Ferguson has been on three teams Bill Parcells has been a part of, so the trust is there between these two. He was signed AFTER the suspension. Showing that there is still a trust, and bond there between these two guys.

The re-signing of Devone Bess, was vital for the last piece of the puzzle (Marshall) to make a great picture. Bess ended the season with 758 yards, and 2TDs. He will be expected to produce even more. The slot W.R. makes great catches and runs routes that seem effortless. Him with Marshall you can see the Dolphins at the top of the stats in receiving this up-coming season. Bess will be a part of the puzzle that will be a big part of the offense. Plus, Bess will be a great decoy on the other side for Marshall also.

Now who would have thought Chad Pennington would have thrown for over 3,000 yards and 19 touchdowns in 2008? No One. Even the Fins had to be shocked.

They got great production on an aging quarterback. Pennington who was hurt most of the year re-ups with the Fins knowing he will be in a back-up roll. Experienced and if he has to perform in case of injury, they know they can depend on him to be there for them. On March 5, 2010, Pennington was re-signed by the Dolphins to a one-year deal. The deal will pay him $5.75 million if he starts (and they don‘t expect it), $4.2 million if he is traded by the team (could happen if another team loses their quarterback), or $2.5 million as a back-up, to Chad Henne, and he will be happy to pocket the money, and not get hurt preserving him for even the 2011 season possibly for another team.

The Fins signed some key players that will expect to be a big part of their offense and defense this up-coming season. Those include TE Joey Haynos, OL Richie Incognito, G Dimitri Tsoumpas, DE Briam Johnson, S Nate Ness, to mention a few.

In a Parcells scheme everyone is expected to play like a 20 Million Dollar Man regardless of his contract. Especially kickers!

In my eyes…the Fins have had far and above better Off Season then any team in the NFL.

And still to come, the 12th pick in the draft this season. The Dolphins have nine selections, even after dealing their second-rounder to Denver in for Marshall. The bad thing is that in the last two rounds is where six of those picks will come from. The Dolphins will be looking to get to the quarterback, with a power rusher on the other side of Dansby. Brandon Graham of Michigan, and Derrick Morgan of Georgia Tech are good guys to fill this spot if Jason Pierre-Paul of South Florida, Sergio Kindle of Texas, are gone. The Fins would love to have Kindle, however could go Running Back for insurance for Brown, and Williams who battle injuries what seems like every year.

Kiper, and McShay, the Mock Draft Gurus say DT Dan Williams, but I think he will be gone by then, hence my picks.