THE EAGLE Has Flown!!!!

michael mcguaneContributor IMarch 20, 2017

Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

       AHHH, there He goes, to the Burgundy and Gold! Will Eagle fans regret this move...I do. However, it had to be made. The reason...something had to give. Either it was Mr. McNabb or Mr. Reid. I think the Eagles sent off the wrong man.

       I find it odd that I haven't heard much about how flawed the Eagle's overall philosophy of operation is. Perhaps I'm just missing it, but where is the discussion about the importance of the commitment to the running game? (Of course, there is now sentiment that the NFL is now a "passing league"... don't be fooled, successful teams ALWAYS need to run the ball, and MORE So as the playoffs progress. Who ran the ball better in the Super Bowl when it Really counted?).

       Innarrestingly...I was driving home one night listening to a radio sport show recently (before the trade) and Denzel Washington was on....I don't know his history, if he's an Eagle fan or not...but he was talking about the possible trade of McNabb. I don't remember the exact quote, but his overall view was that it would be foolish to trade McNabb, and that the Eagles need a more balanced attack.

       Granted, Donovan has flaws...but ALL QB's do. It's a team game. Look at John Elway. Until he got the right recipe, his cooking always fell flat. Add a very good coach, a great running attack (including offensive line), and a pretty good defense, and what happened? History shows...We'll see what will happen in D.C.

       The Eagles suffer from the "Big Play" syndrome. Lovely to watch during the regular season, and early playoffs, but deadly poison the further teams advance. This has hurt the Eagles many, many times (Carolina, Tampa Bay, Arizona...I don't count the St. Louis game as the Rams were clearly the better team back then). Teams don't respect the Eagles running attack because that when push comes to shove, Andy will go sandlot. Don't get me wrong, I really like Andy, and the Eagles have given me much fun over the past 11 years, but it's time to either change ideas...or go home.

        Oh, and the "Big Play" syndrome also afflicts the Eagles defense. The blitz is wonderful to watch, but Great QB's know how to beat it, especially as the playoffs progress. Brees, Brady, Manning,Romo, etc all adept at beating the blitz...especially when there is no pressure exerted from the front four. The Eagles HAVE to address this problem. Hopefully they can draft a defensive lineman that will help to remedy this. I feel this is their number one priority of the draft. It doesn't matter who is in the secondary if the QB has all day to pass...Does Tony Romo ring a bell?

        Until the approach changes, the result will remain the same.