The United States Title: Will Somebody Please Defend It

David BarrosoContributor IApril 15, 2010

There he is Ladies and Gentleman, The United States Champion. He is awesome, he is The Miz.

Wait, you didn't know that? What's that? Yes, he is also one half of Unified Tag Team Champions. No, you see that belt, with the American flag decorated on it? Yeah, that's a championship as well in the WWE. You didn't know? Well, I wouldn't blame you.

What in the world has happened to the United States Championship? This title used to be a staple in giving some superstars a good push before a major title, best example being of course, John Cena.

Another good example, Carlito. Yes, I'm aware of his current jobber status, but at one point in time, they were giving this guy a push. After winning this title in his debut match on Smackdown, he had to drop the title back to Cena due a leg injury. At one point in 2006, he was in the WWE Championship picture, being in the Elimination Chamber match during New Year's Revolution, even being one of the final two men in the match, losing to John Cena of course.

This title does get careers on the right track, it does nothing but give mid carders a solid push before main event status. Now, it's just resting on The Miz's shoulders, nothing more than a prop. I believe I've found the solution to getting this title back to being relevant.

As we know, Miz Show, despite being champions, has had just a bit of tension lately, surrounding the Miz's acceptance to David Hart Smith's match on Raw Monday night, having just a bit of a side argument. I say, let's push this little tension further, using the United States belt.

Let's say The Miz throws out a challenge, saying he can beat any man one on one, because he is awesome. Out comes Evan Bourne or Kofi Kingston, two men who desperately need a push. During the match, Big Show tries to interfere on behalf of The Miz, however it back fires, and The Miz loses his title. The Miz yells at the Big Show for costing him his match, and Big Show just walks away.

What do you think guys? Would this be a way to get the United States title going again? Or do you have another idea? Comment below