TNA's Lethal Lock Down Preview & Prediction

Steven DavisonCorrespondent IApril 17, 2010

A small article here until I can get into the swing of this writing malarkey again, it'll be previewing and I'll be predicting TNA's upcoming Pay-per-view; Lock down.

A little bit of history for those of you who don't follow TNA or have seen a past Lock down. The premise is simple; every match is a cage match with the special attraction match of "Lethal Lock down" (insert dramatic music now). In which two teams brawl in the cage which has a roof on and weapons tied to the ceiling. With what many fans have been calling WCW 2.0 in recent weeks regarding TNA, would I be surprised to see the return of the double rings and two cages to a wrestling event? Probably not, nothing is off the books when it comes to rehashing old ideas from WCW. But despite the over gimmicked Lethal Lockdown, the event looks good on paper:

The Motor City Machine Guns vs Brian Kendrick & Homicide

The first match on the card is the special attraction match between the Machine Guns against the weird pairing of Kendrick and Homicide. I predict the Machine Guns win in a spot fest match, hopefully the other X Division match isn't one too.

Rob Van Dam vs. James Storm of Beer Money

The second match consists of Van Dam against James Storm, this should be a decent match. I'm a fan of Van Dam but I see James Storm picking up the win in this contest and I'm all for that.

The Beautiful People vs Angelina Love and Tara

Third on the card is a cluster-you know what, I've haven't enjoyed this feud between the Beautiful People and Angelina Love. It seems like a good excuse for Lacey and Velvet to get some screen time, but whatever's good for ratings. Right? I predict Angelina and Tara to win, if not then Madison will pick up the win for the Beautiful people in a shock victory ( even though Velvet deserves a title reign, even  if it is for one night).

Team 3D vs Scott Hall & Syxx-Pac

Next is Team 3D taking on The Band or should I say: Team ECW against Team WCW, what is this? Next will we see team TNA? Never the less I see Team 3D picking up the win and Syxx-Pac doing all of the work for his team.

Kazarian vs. Shannon Moore vs. champion Douglas Williams

This is the match that I am most looking forward too, I'm not a fan of Shannon Moore but after last weeks iMPACT match, I am quite impressed. If the X Division was to put on those kinds of matches all of the time then the "X Division" label is pointless, it should just be the division that can wrestle. I see Kaz winning this one, despite wanting Douglas too win because he can do the British Style amazingly.

Kevin Nash vs. Eric Young

I'm not looking forward to this if I'm honest, a feud thats been going on for months (since October I believe), speaking of which weren't both of them heels? Then both went face then Nash turned heel again, so in six months he's turned essentially three times. Seems as though creative don't know how to use faces/heels properly. Anyway I'm predicting Nash putting Young over but still picking up the win.

Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson

Finally a feud ending match for this one, the battered and bruised Mr. Mangled against Mr. Anderson. I'm not a big fan of Anderson, his in ring work is mediocre and his promo's aren't the best he's done in the past. However I'm an Angle mark through and through so this should be a good match. I see Anderson losing but Angle being injured/really banged up towards the end of the match but overcoming the odds and picking up the victory.

Team Hogan Abyss (captain), Jeff Jarrett, Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam vs. Team Flair: Sting (captain), Desmond Wolfe, Beer Money (James Storm & Robert Roode)

Needless to say I am intrigued by this match, not through the build up or through the participants. But by how all eight men will be able to put together a match in that small ring that TNA has, it should make for a unique dynamic. Also I cannot wait to see the new roof to the cage and if anyone can get through the top like past Lethal Lock downs. Besides that I predict a win for team Flair which will build to Flairs new stable which has been rumoured many a time. Also on a side note, I'd have preferred Wolfe to the captain rather than Sting, it would put him over well.

"The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero vs champion "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles

The final match and to be frank, the only main event I have been interested in seeing for months. Whether it be in TNA, WWE or ROH, I usually get bored watching main events. However Dinero has no chance what so ever of winning the title, if he does then I'll mark out like a eight year old. But I just can't see it, therefore I am picking AJ Styles to win and rightfully so.