Bleacher Report Member Sam Hegan's Untimely Passing: A Message From a Friend

Sam HeganCorrespondent IApril 17, 2010


My name is Brenda and I am a dear friend of Sam's. I enter today in his account to sadly spread the news of his passing. On Mon Apr 12 2010,Sam died peacefully in his sleep. His cause of death was heart failure. He was in his 54th year.

Sam and I were friends for many years and his love of sports was well known by many. He very much enjoyed this site as it was a way for him to express his likes and dislikes and interact with many other fellow posters who may or may not have had the same opinions. Sam's views were as strong as the love of the sport he wrote of.  A very well educated man, Sam's writings were a no holds barred account of the way he felt things should be, or a way they could be. His passion was a big as his heart.

It saddens me dearly to have to announce this as I personally have not stopped crying since Monday. But I know we all will have to continue on, as Sam would like us to do so. If any poster wishes to send personal condolences to the family, they can contact me directly at

Thank you

God Bless