Central Florida Knights Express Optimism in Football Spring Game Quotes

Jessica DAnalyst IApril 18, 2010

The Black and Gold scrimmage not only showcases the new Knights squad, but, in essence, kicks off the official season of preparation for the actual season. After Central Florida's exciting Spring Game at Bright House Networks Stadium Saturday, coach George O'Leary and some of the student-athletes commented on the game and the team's progress during the spring.


Coach George O'Leary on the Spring Game

"We had a chance to play everybody pretty much right from the first quarter on. We rolled the first, second, and third units out there. I thought some kids really took an opportunity when they had the chance to. I was pleased with the quarterback play. We did not have a lot of penalties out there. Overall, I was pleased with the scrimmage and what took place."


O'Leary on the play of quarterback Rob Calabrese

"I thought he made plays. He used his feet. I thought all three quarterbacks [Calabrese, Jeffrey Godfrey, and L.D. Crow] made plays today, and I was pleased with that."


O'Leary on the play of quarterback Jeffrey Godfrey

"He has a different style for a kid who is just in high school. He is an impressive kid. He is definitely a player. He plays a lot stronger than he looks."


O'Leary on the progression of the centers

"I think that if I had to line them up one-two-three, I would line them up Jordan Rae, then Zac Norris, then basically the other [Perry Meiklejohn], he is a high-school senior. Jordan Rae, he is a lot like a quarterback out there, Godfrey. He is very calm. He makes his calls and is a steady influence. He never panics out there, which is the sign of a good center."


O'Leary on his team's overall grade for spring

"I would say a B. I'm a tough grader. I would say a B for what we were looking for. We went into the spring looking, wanting to establish the line of scrimmage. I relate everything to the last game. I was very disappointed with that Rutgers game from an offensive standpoint. When you get hit in the mouth, you've got to fight back. I thought that we had to get that energy. I thought we did a better job this spring creating that. The other was that we wanted to get some depth at some of the positions. I thought we accomplished that."

Quarterback Rob Calabrese on the game

"I played pretty well today. I think there were some throws I could have made. Kamar [Aiken] made a play for me. I think the receivers did a good job going up and getting the ball today. They helped me out a lot."

Calabrese on being named the starter going into the summer

"It's a very big role. I have to be a leader for my teammates this summer in the weight room. It makes me excited for next year. I need to put in a lot of hard work in this summer and I'm ready."


Calabrese on what he has improved on

"Mostly in my poise and staying calm. If I make a bad play, go on to the next play and don't worry about that. Just come back and try to make a play next time."

Wide Receiver A.J. Guyton on the 2010 season

"I think we should have a very special season—a bowl game and hopefully a major bowl game, hopefully playing in the Conference USA Championship this year. We are just trying to get all the chemistry together, and be more consistent is what coach is always preaching to us. When we are more consistent on both sides of the ball we could go a long ways."