The Top Ten Ugliest NHL Jerseys

Andrew FarrellCorrespondent IJuly 15, 2008

Over the long history of the NHL, teams have unveiled some less then pretty jerseys.

We see the Vancouver Canucks take the ugliest jersey award time in and time out (probably deserved), so I thought it would be nice to change it up, and let the people know of some jerseys that are never talked about at all.  

Face it, we love our jerseys as much as we love the playoff beard. So without wasting any more time, let's get to the list.  

This list goes from Ugly (No. 10) to Abysmal (No. 1):

10) Dallas Stars

As a Sabres fan, it's tough just to type the word Dallas Stars because of '99, but I won't get into it. I must say, I really do think Dallas has some of the nicest jerseys in hockey, but what was the marketing team thinking when they released this? The connect-the-dots they're forming a thong!

No thanks.


9) Los Angeles Kings  

The Kings' RBK jerseys, again, are really cool—but another "third" jersey attempt is just laughable.  Really, I thought they had some of the brightest guys out there in the West?  Who gave the okay for that one?


8) Vancouver Canuck

One of the earliest jerseys in their existence, this "V neck" was just hideous to look at. The colors, everything—horrible.  Green and blue are much better-looking colors for Vancouver.


7) Phoenix Coyotes 

Again, I am not sure what is up with the "third" jersey trend. This camouflage jersey worn in the dessert was horrendous. The home and away ones were fine IMO—but this was taken way to far, and hopefully whoever came up with it was fired.


6) St. Louis Blues

The Saints go marching in.  This jersey sure enough got people's attention.  The only reason this is not in the top five is because it looks like a leisure suit.  

The head coach veoted this and the mascot "Cool Cat." if it was re-introduced today, a day of those and the hockey pants—well, that would be a lethal combo for any team to play against!

5) Anaheim Mighty Ducks

"Wild Wing." If anybody remembers the Mighty Ducks TV show, that was the name of the goalie, and that was the character on this...jersey.  If this was MTV—which, thank god, it's not—we would hear "NEXT!"


4) Colorado Rockies

Sheesh, how about these, huh?  It is tough to describe—a clash of very bright red's and blue's, along with a very unattractive logo on the crest.  A jersey that is quite the turn-off. (P.S. How about that goalie mask?) 


3) New York Islanders

WTF? Okay, sorry, that was a bit harsh, but the fisherman looked quite the same.

What was wrong with the '80s Dynasty jerseys? Those were classic hockey jerseys! Then they went to this. Hey, Islander fans, remember Tommy Salo and Ziggy Palffy? What a nightmare!


2) California Golden Seals

Yikes! Look out! Here come the 1970s!  

What is with these jerseys? The colors are a total eyesore! This was a bad idea, almost as bad as thinking they would be able to be support NHL teams in California in the '70s (different story now, of course).

Well, here we are, last, but certainly not least—er, yes, least liked. Regardless, It always is fun to look back and remember these uniforms, and for what the team stood for at that point in time. So, with out further ado, I give you the number one worst jersey...

1) Tampa Bay Lightning

What in God's name is this?  They actually have rain drops falling on the jersey, and waves on the bottom.  It brings you back to the days of Rob Zamuner and Darren Puppa, when Chris Gratton was ready to become the NHL Point Leader. Yeah, well, hmm—didn't happen. 

This jersey seems so dumb and useless, I still cant believe it was worn.


Extra Bonus: The Worst Jersey Ever!  Holy Cow! 


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