The Answers to the Detroit Lions' Most Pressing Questions Before the NFL Draft

Timothy DudekContributor IApril 21, 2010

DETROIT - JANUARY 3:  Calvin Johnson #81 of the Detroit Lions looks on during the game against the Chicago Bears on January 3, 2010 at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
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The Detroit Lions have made many moves during the offseason moves but here are a few points that I think are on everyone's mind at the current moment:


Who is the potential Linebacker the Lions are raving about?

Martin Mayhew and Jim Shwartz have talked about a player that they believe can be a good linebacker in this league. The say they seem something in him that other people might not be seeing. This is interesting news coming from Detroit. Hopefully they are looking at a player like a DE or a safety that they believe they can turn into a OLB.

I believe that this player that they are looking into is none other then Taylor Mays. I believe that he could easily be turned into a good OLB in this league. His major problem why he isn't a great FS is that he likes to go for the big hit instead of the coverage play. While playing OLB he can showcase his speed and his hitting power.

He is a guy that always has his motor running an would need some conditioning to get use to playing OLB but I think he can learn the position. His average coverage skill would be great to for OLB and he has the speed to keep up with a team's TE, RB or WR in coverage.


What the Adam Carriker trade might mean to Detroit

Last night the Rams and Redskins made a very interesting trade that I think has a chance to effect the draft in a major way. The Rams sent Adam Carriker to the Redskins for draft picks. This might seem like a non-issue an the Rams are trying to save some cap space an the Redskins and Mike Shannahan sees some potential in Carriker.

But I think that this trade might open up the flood gates for a lot more options. I think the Redskins are ready to trade Albert Haynesworth away and he could possibly be dealt to Detroit or Tennessee for a third or fourth round draft pick. Alot of very good players have been traded for very low draft picks this year, as Anquan Boldin and Brandon Marshall only garnered fifth round picks.


Suh could go No. 1 overall

So with the Rams trading Carriker, does this create an opening for the Rams to take Suh with the first pick in the draft on Thursday? I think the answer is yes. Suh is the best player in this draft an the Rams just can't pass him up. I know they need a QB but they can still trade for a veteran, and I hear the Steelers are entertaining offers for Rothlisberger.

Right now in St Louis the Rams are teetering back and forth on if they should take Suh or Bradford. I believe that the contract talks are what this all comes down to. Like every team that drafts first overall, they want their player signed to a contract before draft day and Bradford has said he doesn't want to sign a contract just yet.

This in my opinion makes the team think that maybe Bradford either wants too much money and might miss some of training camp, or maybe he doesn't want to play in St. Louis at all and could hold out for part of preseason until he gets the kind of money he thinks he deserves.

Suh would be glad to be the first overall pick and likely would sign before the draft.


If Suh goes No. 1 what do the Lions decide to do?

If the Rams do shock the Lions and take Suh, what do the Lions do with the second overall pick? This is an interesting scenario. Do the Lions go with Gerald McCoy or Russell Okung or do we trade our pick?

I think Detroit should be looking very hard into trading this pick away. Many draft analysts see Bradford as the clear cut number one QB. With several teams in the need of a QB Detroit could be in the driver's seat for a trade down. Now don't get greedy asking for too much value for the second overall pick. I think we could trade down to any one of these teams (Was, Sea, Cle, Oak, Buf) an still be able to grab a premier player in this year's draft. If for some reason we can not find a suitor for a trade I personally would be upset and think that we would have a hard decision between Okung and McCoy an believe we should pick McCoy.


What the extra day till the start of the second round means for Detroit

What does the extra day before the second round mean? I think for alot of teams it means that trades will happen over night. A lot of teams will be able to sit down and reanalyze who is still on the board. Some first round talent will still be left around and teams that draft in the middle of the second round will be wanting to trade up to the beginning of the round for a chance to grab a player that they can't believe is still around.

Detroit will most likely trade their second round pick over the night for a mid-second round pick an maybe a thirrd of fourth round pick also. Remember the Patriots have many second round picks and if they find a player that they love on the board at the beginning of the second round they will be tempted to trade maybe two of their second round picks to grab him. The Patriots are a team only missing a few pieces and will trade two second round picks to grab the exact player they love.


Offseason trades and my opinion on them

I have never seen a team make so many trades in the NFL before and I have to say that I love reading about the Lions' trades. The Lions have positioned themselves really well with all of their offseason moves.

Grabbing Corey Williams really helped out this team on the D-line, while Chris Houston was picked up for next to nothing and should help out the team in the secondary. He is still very young and I believe he will regain the success that many saw early in his career.

I liked what we did by trading for Shaun Hill from the 49ers because we now have a solid backup if Matthew Stafford gets injured.

But my two favorite trades we have completed this month. Robert Sims comes in to play LG for the Lions from Seattle. With many people thinking that the Lions needed help on the O-line they addressed it by bringing in a solid OG who will play left-side with Jeff Backus. I think that our front five will play better this year and we will pick up a future OT in the later rounds that could compete for a starting spot next year.

Also with the trade of Ernie Sims some fans are scratching there heads wondering why he was traded. I think Detroit just wasn't seeing any improvement in him and that he just wasn't fitting in to their defensive scheme. He is very talented but also injury prone.

Detroit got the adequate value for him by trading him to the Eagles and receiving Tony Scheffler and a seventh round pick. Scheffler will help out Stafford greatly. Running a two TE set doesn't only help out a QB when he is in trouble but it also helps block for the QB and open up holes for your running back. Scheffler had a nice 13.4 catch average and will be a nice offensive force next year.


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