Brett Favre: Sympathize or Criticize?

KristinCorrespondent IJuly 16, 2008

For the past few days, I've tried everything to avoid talking about the Favre drama. I feel like I'm getting beat in the head with it every time I turn on ESPN or go to any sports site.

Now, don't get me wrong. I love sports, and I love a good, compelling story. But Favre's indecisiveness is less than compelling. It's downright frustrating.

I had every ounce of respect for Favre before this whole saga, but now I'm somewhat in the dark.

I've read some articles, and it seems many are upset at Green Bay for not bending over backwards to release Favre.

I've read other articles, and these writers are upset that Favre isn't content staying at Green Bay as the newest addition to their sideline. They say he made up his mind and shouldn't even think about asking for a release.

And there's me, trying hard to do my research and read up on things before I start choosing sides. Time and time again, ESPN throws out bogus "breaking reports" and "inside information" that are completely false.

(Case in point—Kirk Herbstreit's inside info on Les Miles' leaving LSU. Way to knock that one out of the park, Kirk. I think after that debacle, Herbstreit was as welcome at Tiger Stadium as Don Imus at a NAACP convention.)

Back on track though. I'm really trying to decide whose side I should be on.

Favre and his theatrics: "I retired early...I have the itch to play..."

Or, Green Bay and their seeming cold-heartedness: "Release? You?...*(board room erupts in evil laughter)"*

For now, I remain neutral and continue to get bombarded with media hype as I try to decipher it all.

Why can't Favre just go do another Wrangler commercial or something? I have a fantasy football roster to obsess about!