MLB: Tim Lincecum Missed the All-Star Game Because of "Flu-like Symptoms?"

BigRegAnalyst IJuly 16, 2008

Now I understand that we all can catch a nasty bout of the flu.  I understand that it is no fun to be sitting on the can and have to try to make it to the sink to puke.

But what I don't understand is why whenever any major league sports player has this happen, they call it "flu-like symptoms?"

Isn't it just the flu?  Wouldn't we all get the picture if everyone just said he has the flu?  We would understand that he couldn't pitch. 

None of us could if we needed to make a mad dash to the crapper every fifth pitch, so why call it "flu-like symptoms?"

We don't call a torn ACL "Torn ACL-like symptoms," or a concussion "Concussion like symptoms." 

This got me thinking, why do we call it "flu-like symptoms," and I think I have a reason.  What happens when you go out partying all night?  You get a head pounding, gut-twisting, bowel-moving, nauseating hang over. In other words, these are self induced "flu-like symptoms." 

So there you go, pro athletes might be able to throw a baseball 100 mph or run a 4.3 40, or even hit a baseball 514 feet, but they still get hangovers like the rest of us, only they call theirs "flu-like symptoms."