2010 NFL Draft: One Final Mock Draft

Chris MaierCorrespondent IApril 22, 2010

MIAMI - JANUARY 08:  Sam  Bradford #14 of the Oklahoma Sooners throws a passagainst the Florida Gators during the FedEx BCS National Championship game at Dolphin Stadium on January 8, 2009 in Miami, Florida.  (Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images)
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Draft-mas is finally here and with it it's time to post one last 2010 NFL Mock Draft. So here goes:

1. St. Louis Rams, QB Sam Bradford , Oklahoma:
There is chance the Rams trade this pick to Cleveland but to facilitate the deal the Rams will have to keep a modest asking price (first, second and 2011 second?). Billy Devaney is trying to put up a neutral front, but all signs point to the Rams taking Bradford if they keep the pick. Signability may be the only thing that changes the Rams mind at this point. You can debate the merit of spending No. 1 money on a QB out of a spread offense coming off shoulder surgery but taking a the risk on a QB is likely the best move for the Rams at this point. If they trade down it will be to get Clausen and picks.

2. Detroit Lions, DT Ndamukong Suh , Nebraska:
Expect to see the Russell Okung talk continue to rise leading up to the draft but in the end, it will be very difficult for a defensive coach of the league's 32nd ranked defense to pass on a talent such as Suh. Defensive tackles are risky but Suh is the best one to enter the draft in the last five years.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, DT Gerald McCoy , Oklahoma:
McCoy is an ideal fit for the Tampa Two and defensive tackle is arguably the team's top need, making this one of the easiest picks in the draft. He is an interior penetrator who will cause havoc in the backfield and draw double teams. The only question for Tampa is what they will do if Suh and McCoy are on the board. Suh is the better player but McCoy may be the better scheme fit.

4. Washington Redskins, OT
Russell Okung , Oklahoma State: There are rumors the Redskins could be considering Trent Williams, but passing on Okung would be a big mistake. Okung is clearly the top offensive tackle in the draft and should fit well in Shanahan's zone blocking scheme.

5. Kansas City Chiefs, S
Eric Berry , Tennessee: Bryan Bulaga, Dez Bryant or Eric Berry. Berry is the highest rated of the three and while it goes against Scott Pioli's philosophy to take a safety, the Chiefs have too many needs to pass on the best player available. Berry has as much upside as any safety in recent memory and should be able to make an immediate impact on a porous defense. Dez Bryant is the type of talent Todd Haley's passing attack needs and will be the team's target if they are able to trade down.

6. Seattle Seahawks, OT
Trent Williams , Oklahoma: With an expected run on offensive tackles with Oakland, Buffalo and San Francisco all picking before 14, the Seahawks need to pull the trigger on their left tackle here rather than wait. Taking Williams to play on the left side is a little risky but his athleticism makes him a good scheme fit.

7. Cleveland Browns, QB Jimmy Clausen , Notre Dame:
Cleveland faces a tough decision if Eric Berry is not available at this pick. It is a little early for CB Joe Haden, DT Dan Williams or any of the rush linebackers making them a trade down candidate. There is also the chance they trade up to get Bradford. In the end whether it is a trade up or a trade down, Clausen is the likely reason. Holmgren is rumored to like Colt McCoy but Clausen is the better quarterback and is as good of a pick here for the Browns as any of the alternatives. Taking the QB here also would free the Browns up to take the best player available in round two rather than trading up for McCoy thus allowing them to get a better value with both selections.

8. Oakland Raiders, OT
Anthony Davis , Rutgers: As we all know the Raiders are capable of doing just about anything, but taking an offensive lineman is the most likely option as Al Davis usually picks the best athlete available at a position of need. Davis beats out Bruce Campbell not because he is the better athlete but rather because despite some work ethic concerns he has the highest ceiling (It is doubtful they take a first round lineman from Iowa, so Bryan Bulaga is out). DE Jason Pierre-Paul is also a possibility.

9. Buffalo Bills, OT Bryan Bulaga , Iowa:
If Clausen is off the board, it allows the Bills to focus their attention on their top need of adding a tackle. Bulaga would be able to come in and play right away and instantly improve the chances for whomever the quarterback is. CJ Spiller is a dark horse option.

10. Jacksonville Jaguars, DE Derrick Morgan , Georgia Tech:
The Jaguars will consider Earl Thomas but in the end they'll use the best player available approach and add a defensive end whose non-stop motor will aid both the pass rush and the run defense.

11. Denver Broncos, ILB
Rolando McClain , Alabama: After the Brandon Marshall trade, Dez Bryant is a great scheme and need fit but while it is possible, it is doubtful they would trade one high maintenance receiver for another possibly high maintenance one. Rolando McClain is known for his leadership skills and is a potential quarterback of the defense. The departure of Andra Davis opened a spot for him as well.

12. Miami Dolphins, DT
Dan Williams , Tennesee: The Dolphins would love to trade down to recoup a pick in round two or three. If they stay at 12 the choice is between Dan Williams, a rush linebacker (insert name) or CJ Spiller. Spiller is an ideal scheme fit but after trading for a wideout they need the defender and Dan Williams is the best nose tackle in the draft.

13. San Francisco 49ers, CB Joe Haden , Florida:
With the top tackles off the board the 49ers opt to fill their cornerback need with Haden. His 40 was less than ideal but his physical style will be a great fit for Coach Singletary.

14. Seattle Seahawks, RB CJ Spiller , Clemson:
If Spiller is still on the board the Seahawks will run this pick to the podium. He is the playmaking running back they need to take pressure off of a young quarterback (or an aging one in Hasselbeck's case)

15. New York Giants, OLB
Sean Weatherspoon , Missouri: With Rolando McClain off the board the Giants reach a little to fill a major need at inside linebacker with Weatherspoon. Most project him to play outside but he has the skillset and leadership skills to play in the middle. Other options are taking DT Brian Price, DE Jason Pierre-Paul or G Mike Iupati.

16. Tennessee Titans, DE
Jason Pierre-Paul , South Florida: The Titans look to fill their need for a pass rusher, and although Pierre-Paul is a high risk/high reward type player, his "Freak"-ish abilities will be too tempting for Jeff Fisher and Co. to pass up. If Morgan or Pierre-Paul are not on the board look for them to consider Weatherspoon or Kyle Wilson.

17. San Francisco 49ers, G Mike Iupati , Idaho:
Iupati is not the right tackle they need but he is a mauler who will be able to help them win more battles up front and improve the team's line play as a whole.

18. Pittsburgh Steelers, C
Maurkice Pouncey , Florida: With the top tackles off the board, the Steelers call an audible and take the best interior lineman on the board in Pouncey. Without Roethlisberger for a few games, improving the ground game takes on added importance. Earl Thomas and Charles Brown also receive consideration. Dez Bryant's character concerns remove him from consideration. Hines Ward clone Golden Tate is a dark horse option.

19. Atlanta Falcons, DE
Brandon Graham , Michigan: Graham is an intense competitor and despite his lack of ideal size he is a good all-around defensive end who will not only get to the quarterback but disrupt plays in the backfield. His motor can be infectious.

20. Houston Texans, S
Earl Thomas , Texas: Thomas is an ideal fit for a team needing a free safety who can cover a lot of ground. Kyle Wilson is also an option but the depth at cornerback (and Thomas' range) will allow them to fill that need in a later round. RB Ryan Mathews is a popular sleeper pick but the secondary is a bigger need.

21. Cincinnati Bengals, WR Dez Bryant , Oklahoma State:
Bryant's stock has been hard to peg but it is doubtful that a top five talent will slide past the Bengals. He is a complete wide receiver and the Bengals have a history of taking chances on character risks. They also like to take players with the same last name, as it saves them money on lettering.

22. New England Patriots, WR
Demaryius Thomas , Georgia Tech: Sergio Kindle or Jerry Hughes are difficult to pass on but the depth at that position likely means a quality rush linebacker will be available in round two. Thomas is an ideal fit for the Patriots scheme and would provide the big receiver to stretch defenses oppositie Randy Moss and ultimately replace him down the road. Thomas has been a Patriots pick in previous mocks in round two but his rare size/speed combination for the position has his stock soaring and if they want him they will need to take him here. Jared Odrick is getting a lot of talk too.

23. Green Bay Packers, OT
Charles Brown , USC: The Packers will be tempted by the rush linebacker and cornerback talent on the board but the drop-off at offensive tackle will be steep between rounds one and two, forcing them to reach a little. Brown needs to play more physical but has all the tools you look for in a left tackle and he will take advantage of the opportunity to learn from Chad Clifton.

24. Philadelphia Eagles, CB
Kyle Wilson , Boise State: Armed with five picks on days one and two, the Eagles can go in a variety of directions but Wilson provides them with a cover corner who would be a great fit for their blitz heavy defense.

25. Baltimore Ravens, DT Jared Odrick , Penn State:
The Ravens defensive line has gotten old and Odrick has the skill set to be a quality five technique. He also has the a great motor and is a better pass rusher than he is given credit for.

26. Arizona Cardinals, OLB Sergio Kindle , Texas:
The rush linebacker the Cardinals defense needs if it wants to take pressure off of an offense breaking in a new quarterback. OT Bruce Campbell is also a consideration.

27. Dallas Cowboys, OT
Bruce Campbell , Maryland: Campbell is not the big physical road grader the Cowboys prefer but he is the top talent on the board and while he needs time to develop his high ceiling would make him a calculated risk at the end of round one. The other option is fellow physical specimen Taylor Mays.

28. San Diego Chargers, RB
Ryan Mathews , Fresno State: The choice is between Mathews and Terrence Cody, and of the two Cody has the better chance to be available early in round two. Mathews is arguably the top all-around back in this year's draft and would appear to be a good fit for Norv Turner's offense.

29. New York Jets, OLB Jerry Hughes , TCU:
Even after signing Jason Taylor, finding a young pass rusher remains one of the Jets top needs. Hughes' speed, long arms and athleticism should allow for a smooth transition to rush linebacker. Jared Odrick is arguably the team's first option as finding a young five technique is a major need. If you are looking for a dark horse pick, keep an eye on fast rising Linval Joseph who could play DE or NT.

30. Minnesota Vikings, CB
Kareem Jackson , Alabama: Jackson is a physical corner with excellent instincts which make him a good scheme fit who fills a major need. Other options include DT Brian Price or DT Terrence Cody. Brad Childress also might be willing to take a quarterback.

31. Indianapolis Colts, OT Rodger Saffold , Indiana:
The run on offensive linemen is complete as the Colts reach for Saffold in an effort to add young talent to their offensive line before the cracks get too big. Passing on a penetrating defensive tackle such as Brian Price would be extremely difficult but protecting Peyton Manning is the team's top priority.

32. New Orleans Saits, DE Carlos Dunlap , Florida:
Even after signing Alex Brown in free agency the Saints are looking to add pass rushers to their aggressive scheme. Dunlap slides due to character and work ethic concerns but has a high ceiling and would be able to rotate with Will Smith and Alex Brown initially before taking over a starting job in year two.

Rounds 2-4

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