''Seven Within 24 Hours?'' Damn, You're on a Roll, WWE!

Mr. TaylorSenior Writer IApril 23, 2010

What's up Bleaches? ''No time to waste; so let's bleach it!''

Wow, WWE!' Jimmy Wang Yang, Slam Master J, Mike Knox, Kung Fu Naki, Katie Lea, Shelton Benjamin and MICKIE JAMES? ''All in ONE NIGHT?''

I mean, I get releasing Wang, Naki and Slam Master J. It was pretty obvious that those three would just be jobbers and would never win another title as long as they stayed with the E, but I honestly don't get why they released Mickie, Shelton and Knox.

WWE hardly has Divas these days that can look like eye candy and actually wrestle. Yet, they go and release two of their top athletically and technically gifted Divas to date?

Katie didn't even get a freaking chance to show just how good she could have been as either Divas' or Women's champion. They literally just released a Diva that had more wrestling talent than almost all of the other Divas currently wrestling on Raw.

Yes, Mickie is considered a veteran Diva to most of us, but she is only 30 years old and still has what it takes to put on a great match. She had just put on a solid match recently as last week's episode of SmackDown!

Mickie is still relatively young and I honestly thought that she had at least 3-to-5 good years left in her. I really wonder if it was because of her recent weight gain (which wasn't much by the way) that caused her to get released?

A lot of you might not agree with me, but I actually expected to see Shelton get released in the next year or so, but I guess my prediction wasn't as accurate as I would have thought; the firing came sooner. It was pretty clear to see that Vince wasn't going to let Shelton get anywhere near a World Title.

I guess in Vince's mind, all he saw was: ''Shelton Benjamin= Mid-carder for life!''

So no matter how good Shelton was in the ring, he still couldn't cut a good promo and hardly got any reaction from the crowd, so I honestly didn't see anything in his WWE future, except for the U.S. title, tag teams titles, and the Intercontinental title.

I guess they couldn't see the monster heel in Mike Knox, but maybe TNA will. I guess WWE's subtractions will lead to TNA's additions. I would expect to see Shelton, Katie and/or Knox crossing the line sooner or later.

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