robert cummingsContributor IApril 23, 2010

Dear Jerry Jones,

I remember when sports critics use to bash you over your personnel moves, when you fired Jimmy Johnson critics said that you were a control freak who would one day bring down the Cowboys franchise.

I remember in 1998 when you chose Greg Ellis over Randy Moss and how it came back to hunt you everytime you played against Moss. Remember when you had that brilliant idea of hiring Chan Gailey, how about when you hired Dave Campo and had Qunicy Carter as your starting quarterback.

Time and time again you make some of the most stupidest moves in football histroy, like trade for Joey Galloway, trade for Roy Williams, pick up Pac Man Jones along with Tank Johnson, now Dez Bryant. What be going through your head when you make these decisions?

I know you think that Dez Bryant was a good pick, in last years draft he would of been. As a Cowboy fan i'm tired of getting these players that has off the field issues, one sports critics said " If you don't have any off the field issues you can't be a Dallas Cowboy" I guess he's right. Talk about ego Dez Bryant has a T.O. size ego, so don't get mad when he starts acting like a diva.

This is your team Jerry do what you want but look at the Oakland Raiders, see what happens when the owner takes control of everything. I hope Dez Bryant is what the Cowboys were missing but deep down I belive he was a waste of a pick. When it's all said and done,you gone regret that you used your first round pick on Dez Bryant.

Sincerely Yours,

One Pissed Off Fan