A Tribute To Kirk Morrison

Randy LavelleCorrespondent IApril 25, 2010

Kirk Morrison was drafted by the Oakland Raiders in the third round of the 2005  NFL Draft. He was drafted from San Diego State and always dreamed of playing for his favorite team the Raiders growing up.

He is now a victim of change needed for the Raiders and in my opinion,he didn't have enough help on the defensive line.I think we can put some of the blame on Gerrard Warren with his lack luster play.

Kirk was suppsed to be the number 2 linebacker last year,but after injuries to Ricky Brown,Kirk took over once again.He has played through injuries and had many starts proving his toughness throughout his career here at Oakland.

Kirk has always displayed his dedication by working hard, preparing for every game,and even most importantly, making such a difference in the community.

Kirk has lead the team in tackles for the last four seasons.The lack of a solid DT is why he has so many tackles and being blocked by second level Offensive lineman is why many tackles were also missed.

I'm sure Kirk has a heavy heart and is sad he is moving on to another team,but when one door closes,another one opens.He will be a great asset for The Jacksonville Jaguars.Instantly they have gotten better with a dedicated veteran in Kirk Morrison.

For everything you did,for the toughness you displayed,for the "Commitment To Excellence"....

I and the Rest of the Raider Nation,Thank you Kirk Morrison!