JaMarcus Russell: Who Is Really The Blame?

Germiyer HallContributor IApril 26, 2010

HOUSTON - OCTOBER 04:  Quarterback JaMarcus Russell #2 of the Oakland Raiders at Reliant Stadium on October 4, 2009 in Houston, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

I know this is the big league, where everything is business and none of it is personal, but the big question around Raider Nation is will Quarterback JaMarcus Russell be a Oakland Raider at the start of the season?

Five years and a day after being drafted Quarterback Jason Campbell is traded to the Oakland Raiders.

During his 52 game tenure as a Redskin, Campbell threw for 10,860 yards and 55 touchdowns. Campbell wasn't a fan favorite in Washington, despite the fact his numbers improve every year.

I wouldn't go out on limb to say Campbell is the anwser to all the woes on this Raider offense, but what I do believe is Campbell has what it takes for this young Raider offense to be competitive enough to allow this Raider defense to win games.

Lets keep in mind Quarterback JaMarcus Russell 2008 Qb rating 77.1 climb the highest in Raider Nation since 2003. In the exception of Kerry Collins 2005 77.5 Qb rating compliments of Wide Receivers Randy Moss and Jerry Porter. While Russell reach his off the strengh of Tight End Zack Miller and Wide Receiver Ronald Curry.

In 2009 Russell statistics took quite a few steps back after the injury bug bit the already struggling offensive line, and offensive line coach/play caller couldn't put a game plan together competitive enough for the young quarterback, and the struggling offensive line.

With only two ways Owner Al Davis can view the situation at hand. A personal point of view, or a business point of view. He has a decision to make, with five quarterbacks currently on the roster.

Look at it from a personal point of view, Giving Russell One more chance, not meaning a starting position, but meaning more life in his career. With all the false rumors put out by the media like him being 300 pounds, work ethic, no passion for the game, and the list goes on. If Russell is cut this off season, there will be very little interest in him from other organization right away, if any.

When Russell arrived in Oakland in 2007, Owner Al Davis knew he had to build an offense around his big investment before reaping the benefits, but impatient fans left him out of time. With all the boos chanting from the Raiders fans, and the attendance dropping to a franchise low, with 38,400 in attendance at the last home game against the Baltimore Ravens, Owner Al Davis had to make a move. 

Which bring me to believe Davis was force to make the Campbell move. This could very well be a break out year for Russell, but the opportunity is slim to none now, unfairly to Russell, when finally some of the key pieces is falling into place.

If Al Davis look at it from a business point of view Russell is due 9.45 million dollars this season, and 3 million of it is already in his pocket. Negotiating his 6.45 million dollar base salary is an option, then again maybe there's something in his contract that will automatically give him a pay cut if he's not under center, other than injury.

If there's a owner in the NFL that will continue with Russell at his salary, and he's not under center, Al Davis is that guy. Russell not being a fans favorite will probably pack the house first home game, if he's not on the roster.

With Russell career on the line, his hold out after being drafted is making more sense everyday, thats only if you look at it from a business point of view.