What I Would Do with Kane

David BowstonContributor IApril 26, 2010

Kane has been around the block.

He's had huge main event feuds, a world title, and many...many minor David vs Goliath feuds.

But the Big Red Machine has been doing less destroying, and more jobbing as of recent years.

He's had pointless feuds with the likes of Evan Bourne and Rey Mysterio, and a two-week segment with my future wife Kelly Kelly which made little sense and resulted in nothing.

But I think with a bit of work done here, WWE could revive the big man.

1. Second Coming of The Mask

A lot of wrestling fans would love to see this happen. I personally, agree with the majority, Kane kicked more ass, raised more hell (see what I did there?) etc when he was a mysterious, masked freak.

WWE could write this in realistically, something along the lines of having Kane in an Inferno Match, receiving a horrible "real" burn to his face, for the first few weeks he minces about with bandages, then he goes away for a while.

The guy who defeated him in the Inferno Match is in another standard match then BANG! The building turns red, Kane's eerie music hits and the pyro goes off, and Kane is thundering toward the ring, mask and all.

2. Manager

We all know Kane doesn't have the best promo skills in the world but can dominate almost anyone in the ring. What he needs is someone to talk for him. Now I know the obvious choice is Paul Bearer but that's not going to happen. For some strange and unknown reason I would like JR to manage Kane but honestly, I have no idea why.

Apart from JR, I think a legendary manager could be good, but personally I'd like to see a fresh face, someone who doesn't need the in ring ability but can talk for the dominant force that is Kane.

3. Tag Team Partner/Stable

Kane in a tag team has worked before.

One of my favourite feuds/storylines of all time was X-Pac and Kane as a tag team, doing really well with Tori as manager, then X-Pac betrayed Kane to join DX and steal his love interest. So Kane can work in a tag team environment.

I think a heel Christian could be quite good with Kane, he can talk for him, let him dominate the matches then get the win and the glory for himself.

In a stable situation I would like to see Kane in a four/five man stable as the enforcer, for example Batista in Evolution, or Nash in NWO.

4. Love Interest

Now this, is my favourite idea for Kane to get back to big time.

This is how it goes down.

After the draft, John Morrison is dating Kelly Kelly, Kane and Morrison are in a tag team match with Kelly at ringside, somehow KK helps Kane pick up the victory or hugs him after the match which re-ignites his obsession.

Kane secretly begins to hate Morrison, who doesn't realise his obsession for his woman.

Meanwhile Kelly Kelly starts to feel sorry for Kane. "How could anyone love a monster?" you know, the whole beauty and the beast thing. Then they kiss behind Morrison's back.

Next Kane and Morrison get a title match but as Morrison goes for the pin, Kelly distracts him and Kane hits him with the chokeslam, the destroys him after the match.

Then we have a heel Kane and a heel Kelly, with a saucy new entrance.

Kelly helps Kane's success to grow and who knows maybe even a secondary title or feud.


Thanks for reading guys, note I don't expect this to actually happen, but just some ways I could think of re-packaging Kane.