A WWE Edge-Orton Feud Could Go a Long Way

Smoke And MirrorsContributor IApril 27, 2010

What I witnessed last night while watching Raw gave me the urge to waste valuable revision time on what I'm about to write about...

I witnessed glory at it's complete threshold; a start to a feud so magnificent that it could completely resurrect the WWE. 

I saw Edge cost Randy Orton an almost guaranteed No. 1 contender spot, by spearing him!

"Why are you making a big deal out of this? It's not like we haven't seen an Orton-Edge feud before..." Yes, this isn't the first time those two competitors went at it, but let me ask you this: When was the last time we have seen two "tweeners" have an intense storyline?

This is not just your everyday good guy vs bad guy fight, oh no! This is two guys who portray villainous acts, yet continued to get cheered by the fans.

This may cause a severe dilemma to the "WWE Universe." These two guys are some of the hottest names in the industry. They have both recently started getting put in "babyface" storylines whilst maintaining a "heel" persona. And not only that, they are both—in some form or another—crazy.

Yes, they are both crazy.

Can you imagine the magnitude of this feud if the WWE management played their cards right? This feud could very well steal the limelight from each and every Raw episode. If played out correctly, I believe that this feud could be the hottest fight since Austin-Bret.

It doesn't need any titles, gimmick matches, or anything else to be intensified. All we need is a good storyline.

With Edge stating that he simply wanted to make a statement, it should be nothing personal. But The Viper might as well consider it personal, since Edge cost him a shot against the WWE champion.

It could start out as simply a match on a PPV card—two household names going at it with no titles on the line. Then add some fuel to that fire and make it personal. This feud could go on for months—heck, I wouldn't mind it going on from here until next year's Wrestlemania!

The fact that both competitors are tweeners is the icing to the cake.

They could exchange roles with Edge starting out as the heel and Orton as the babyface. Next thing you know, "woah!" Orton is the bad guy now! The personalities can easily be switched because both have quite a few similar characteristics—the ruthlessness, the slight insanity, and the strong will power.

Words cannot describe my excitement for this upcoming feud. I honestly believe that, if played out right, this storyline could easily double the ratings for Raw.

But I digress.

When was the last time we have seen the WWE "creative team" take advantage of a feud with potential? It's such a shame that the WWE does not thrive to entertain the fans when there is no competition available.

Meanwhile, we might begin to see a pattern here, for Edge.

Upon his return, he feuded with the last tag-team partner he had before his injury, Chris Jericho. Then, he feuded with the tag-team partner he had before Jericho, Randy Orton. Maybe at the conclusion of this feud we might see the beginning of a new feud with none other than Edge's very first tag-team partner, and his (kayfabe) brother, Christian.

That is all, ladies and gentlemen. I hope you have enjoyed reading my article. Please feel free to leave any feedback on the comment section below.