WWE Raw Has The EDGE, But Smackdown Has All The Charisma!

Andrea ClaireAnalyst IApril 30, 2010

After WWE’s three hour special draft edition of RAW last Monday night, it seemed the article gates opened like the mighty River Jordan as the internet became engorged  with a virtual sea of responses to the great flooding of the Raw roster, as opposed to the supposed devastating drought on Friday Night Smackdown.   


The Internet Wrestling Community is an interesting and impetuous lot.   As we sift through the ashes of outrage and morbid cries of foul, one begins to wonder just how far the IWC digs into the annals of its seemingly collective reasoning cavity before expelling one of these loosely assembled defecations of literary wonder.


Article after article were being spawned about how Smackdown got screwed over,

But alas, Christian fans knew better . . .


While RAW most certainly comes to the table on Monday nights with a loaded gun in the form of Edge, Chris Jericho, Randy Orton, HHH, John Cena, and a host of others; do not, for one moment, believe that the new caliber on the Smackdown roster will be shooting blanks!


For what seems to be an eternity, the IWC has been crying out for its beloved mid-carders to be given “the push” they so justly deserve.  But, the loudest clamor of all has come in the form of constant, nonstop chirping!  The Peeps come out in flocks, they swarm arenas and wrestling blogs worldwide, waving their banners and flapping their wings, demanding their Pontiff be rightfully acknowledged and revered.   


Forget Monday Night Wars, wrestling fans, because tonight marks the beginning of pro-wrestling’s 2010 subway series!  Yes, you’ve played it on your XBOX, but now, get ready to experience Smackdown vs. Raw each week in the comfort of your living room!


As we wish Edge and Chris Jericho bon voyage, a new ship sets sail. Tonight we will witness Friday Night Smackdown launch its maiden voyage with a new cast and crew.   


For those of you ready to throw the show a life vest this early on, I pose to you this question: How could anyone doubt the buoyancy of a show that has the Undertaker serving as its anchor and Captain Charisma at the helm? 


And, no matter which passenger is currently donning the gold badge, make no mistake, WWE Universe, one certain Jack Swagger will most definitely be playing the Gilligan to Christian’s Captain!


This bold move by the WWE has the company showing a great deal of confidence in newcomers like Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, and Jack Swagger.  The current World Heavyweight Champion is a young buck with some impressive clean wins under his belt. However, he is still green and just in case there is any doubt, Christian is the clear cut face of Smackdown.  There is no one on the roster with the combined talents of his charismatic mic skills and dynamic (veteran) in-ring ability.  One can be certain it is surely Christian who will be keeping this show afloat.


So, anyone who spontaneously went off half cocked last Monday, thinking that RAW gained a clear advantage from this past draft, think again!  While Monday Nights will continue to entertain us with brilliant promos, skits and PG13 performances, Smackdown will continue to entertain fans with pure, unadulterated wrestling! 


Last call, wrestling fans; the Smackdown ship is ready to sail into action . . . All Aboard!


As RAW fans continue to get excited and predict matches such as Edge/Orton (been there) Cena/Orton (done that) or the big, exciting blow off match between Edge/Jericho (done with that), Smackdown fans will be treated to refreshing new matches put on by hungry young talent, and served up fresh each week with a whole lot of Charisma!  


Have a great weekend, friends, and enjoy the show tonight :)