Houston Rockets Should Try to Trade for Chauncey Billups and Richard Hamilton

Tony WichowskiCorrespondent IJuly 17, 2008

It seems that the talk of Tracy McGrady coming to Detroit is like professional wrestler Matt Hardy's credo it "will not die!" ESPN's Stephen A. Smith continued to fan the flame recently, stating that Tracy McGrady told him that he would not mind a deal to the Pistons, and that he has all the faith in the world in Pistons President Joe Dumars.

Stephen A. Smith is one of the most highly respected basketball journalists in the world. I do not believe that he is lying or blowing things out of proportion as Rockets GM Daryl Morey suggests.

I believe that Morey is interested, but the offer of Billups and Prince wasn't enough. Understandably so, as Prince is essentially an upgraded version of Shane Battier. Any McGrady deal would need to make Houston better.

With that said, I believe that there is a deal to be made between these two teams that would make both teams better. Detroit would send the Rockets their all star back-court of Chauncey Billups and Richard Hamilton for Tracy McGrady and Rafer Alston.

Houston would have a back-court that knows how to win a playoff series. Imagine the combined basketball IQ with Shane Battier at the three. Moving without the ball, Richard Hamilton is the best offensive player in the NBA. He is tough to stop. That is why he surpassed Isiah Thomas as the Pistons all time playoff scorer this season.

He and Billups have led the Pistons to six straight conference finals appearances. Billups knows how to control the tempo of a game like few others. With Shane Battier, Houston would be so proficient with the ball, it is ridiculous. Hamilton and Billups would get many scoring opportunities with Yao Ming in the post.

Aaron Brooks would make the perfect change-of-pace third guard for the Rockets. He is everything that Billups and Hamilton are not. Billups can defend shooting guards when he and Brooks are in the game together.

Detroit would be able to pair Rodney Stuckey with Tracy McGrady in their back-court. Alston would make a fine third guard off the bench. McGrady would give the Pistons a "hungry" superstar since he has yet to advance beyond the first round. Acquiring McGrady would give the Pistons two dribble drive players in the back-court. Detroit already has enough shooters.

This deal just makes too much sense for both teams.  Someone needs to make a call! You still have Joe Dumars' number, right Morey?


Tony Wichowski is a writer for the Bleacher Report and the Host of "That's real Sports Talk" on the Godly Network