robert cummingsContributor IApril 30, 2010

On March 24 iwrote an article about the Mavs lack of defense and some people on my facebook page told me it doesn't matter if the Mavs play defense because they score almost 100 points a game.

Now its April 30 and the Mavs or out the playoffs, all season long I told every Mavs fan I knew "don't get your hopes up" and all I was hearing was "this is the Mavs year" or one of my favorites " these are not the same Mavs they are different". Yeah they were different because they traded Josh Howard and got three new players but when it comes playoff time, they are the same Mavs.

There's a lot of blame to go around but what the Mavs really need is a post player and a scorer. Dirk can't do it all by himself and Jason Kidd needs to retire or come off the bench. Rick Carlisle needs to be fired for the simple fact that the waited so long to play rookie Roddy Beaubois, Jason Terry needs to be traded because once playoff time comes he can't step his game up.

I think its time to release Eric Dampier because to me he's just a black version of Shawn Bradley. I know why we got Shawn Marion but what has he done for the Mavs? I'm not trying to bash anyone or the team it's just every year it's the same old stuff happening. The Mavs play good during the season then chokes in the playoffs and nobody but Dirk seems to care.

Mark Cuban has a lot of work to do this off season or Dirk Nowitzki wont be a Maverick next year and I don't blame him one bit because if he do stay in Dallas, then he might not never get a championship ring.