The Ball Is Now In Manny Pacquaio's Court.

phil LeoneContributor INovember 17, 2016

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Saturday's fight was a huge night for all the mayweather hater's because this was suppose to be his biggest challenge and rightfully so mayweather was even thought to have his great defense tested.  But we all know the result, mayweather is still the lb. for lb. champ.  What he did vs. shane mosley saturday was special you got to have superior ability to do that after round 3 shane mosley looked so frustratd and time after time mosley just did not have an answer for mayweather.  Shane Mosley has fought over 50 fights and throughout his career he's never been dominated in such a fashion as he was saturday night. Floyd Mayweather's counterpunching is still seond to none and his staminia as usual looked good, where in the later rounds i noticed mayweather's mouth open a lot.  Mosley looked frustrated and tired. 

 Now the ball is in Manny Pacquaio's court.  Shane Mosley agreeing to do the testing was huge for a potential manny pacquaio-floyd maywether fight because now we know floyd is clean so now it will be up to manny to prove he is clean too.  After all if pacquaio is clean what's there to hide if both fighters are subject to the same testing?  The fight not getting done is looking more and more like it will affect Manny Pacquaio's legacy more than it will affect mayweather's.