Close Raiders QB Competition Ahead: Who Will Prevail?

Germiyer HallContributor IMay 2, 2010

I have always been a true believer of on the job experience makes a person more capable of a lead position. How many times have you witness a person been with a company for years, and a company bring in a guy with the more educated background, or just a better fit for their good Ol' boys system.

Playing quarterback for the Oakland Raiders has been merely a setback for all hires since 2003. Average quarterbacks that has proven ability to play at this level, just didn't succeed in Oakland.

Jason Campbell the latest hire said after talking with Owner Al Davis he is expecting to start as quarterback for the Oakland Raiders in the 2010 season. Campbell who has something to prove after Washington Redskins Executive Vice President/Head Coach Mike Shanahan, and former Raiders Head Coach, Pretty much gave Campbell away for a fourth round draft pick in 2012, to the Oakland Raiders, which Campbell should really take as an insult.

JaMarcus Russell who has had the keys to the organization the last two seasons, only to drive them to back to back disappointing seasons, and also adding to five years of a losing record.

Russell fail to win over the Raiders fans as of believing he is the face of the franchise, and now has to take on a fight to save his career. Rumors circulated the sports world that Russell will be release after Raiders acquired Campbell. Releasing Russell will be a huge loss for the Oakland Raiders just as well as letting Russell start as quarterback week one of the 2010 season, allow me to explain.

Releasing Russell means that the Raiders wouldn't have to pay him any more base salary. Saving 6.5 million dollars this season is not worth throwing away nearly 40 million, and get nothing in return.    

If Russell wins the quarterback competition, it would cost the organization too much to let him start. Raiders fans has made it clear they will no longer open their wallets to watch Russell quarterback for the Oakland Raiders.

As painful would it be for Al Davis to let Russell go, and watch Russell possibly develop to a beast in another organization, right now its looking like Davis will have to face it.

After being drafted at the age 21, Russell lack maturity which has improved alot today, With all the false rumors out about Russell, and the Raiders fail to put weapons around him, teams don't want to take a chance on Russell.

Raiders have to allow Russell time to build a market for himself, so they can get something for the money they have already invested in him. The ball is already rolling on that, Russell showed up in mini camp and prove that he is not 300 lbs. Reports also say his accuracy has improve. When Head Coach Tom Cable was ask were he surprise at Russell performance in mini camp, he quickly replied no, meaning that the rumor the organization lost faith in Russell is another false one. Now he just needs to keep working, and have a good preseason. 

After that, the next question will be who is interested in BFKAJ? (BEAST FORMALLY KNOWN AS JAMARCUS)