Could an ACC Team Win a National Title in Football Anytime Soon?

Michael StilesCorrespondent IMay 3, 2010

The college basketball season is a month over, with Duke taking the national crown from Butler by a two-point margin. ACC basketball national championship total? 12.

But ACC football is a different story. Only two schools have won the BCS National Championship, and one of those, Miami, wasn't even in the ACC when they won it (Miami joined three years later in 2004). 

Could this be the year that ACC football joins the powerhouse conferences such as the SEC and the Big 12?

Last season, Georgia Tech rose as high as number seven in the BCS polls with an explosive triple-option offense lead by high-profile players such as Joshua Nesbitt and Jonathan Dwyer, and a passing attack that all fell on the shoulders of Demaryius Thomas (a first-round draft pick).

The Georgia Tech offense has a lot of shoes to fill, but with the retention of quarterback Joshua Nesbitt, could the Yellow Jackets move beyond the Orange Bowl and on to the national title?

Another team to watch out for is the resurgent Miami Hurricanes.

Victories over ACC rival Georgia Tech and (usual) Big 12 powerhouse Oklahoma sparked a 9-4 season. Does Jacory Harris have what it takes to take the Hurricanes all the way?

Virginia Tech is another team of national prominence, year-in and year-out.

Last season's opening ACC/SEC matchup that pitted the Hokies against Alabama resulted in a close game ultimately won by the Crimson Tide. After that game, however, it was five straight victories and a climb all the way up to the No. 4 national ranking, with national title talks being thrown around.

A heartbreaking loss to Georgia Tech, however, ended those hopes.

What about Florida State?

Will the departure of the great Bobby Bowden spark a new era, one in which Jimbo Fisher can send the Seminoles back to national prominence? Beating Oklahoma early in the season will be a good determinant, and beating in-state rival Florida will be a necessity. 

Clemson, however, might have fallen off the national title-hopeful charts with the departure of running back C.J. Spiller and wide receiver Jacoby Ford. Look for them to put up good fights, but nothing compared to their ACC title runner-up season a year ago.

Will the ACC ever win a national title in football again?

The most promising ACC team to contend next season would be Georgia Tech, but could the Yellow Jackets defeat teams such as Alabama or Texas? Can they even beat UGA next season?

The determining factor as to whether or not the ACC will bring a title home is whether or not they continue to beat up on each other ruining each other's chances. The ACC teams always beat the tough ACC rivals and lose to the teams that they are supposed to beat. 

Should this trend persist, the ACC will not even survive their own conference, nevertheless the other conferences of college football.

What do you think? Can the ACC ever rise to prominence and be feared like the SEC?