WWE: Breaking Down The Epic Promo Between Christian and Edge

Captain CharismaCorrespondent IMay 3, 2010

After watching Smackdown this following week, I think that all the WWE PEEPS that were worried that Smackdown could not rebound by the supposed mauling they took at the WWE Draft had their fears alleviated.

Smackdown produced a show that had a great match in Cody Rhodes vs John Morrison which highlighted what many of us had forgotten during his time with Legacy; that Cody is a damn good singles worker and a damn good heel to boot. Kofi Kingston and Chris Jericho produced another good match thus ending their epic five-day feud. We had an angle-furthering tag-team bout between the SES and the Area Code Army.

Jack Swagger delivered a strong promo and the Big Show was knocking out heels left, right and centre. However, what stole the show for me personally (and for all of you that know me you can't be surprised) was the confrontation between Christian and Edge.

It was the first time that they had been face to face for over a year (their last meeting was at Backlash 2009 shortly after Christian had captured the ECW Championship for the very first time) and they did not disappoint. They had not lost a step in their ability to play off each other and the promo was the best 1-to-1 promo since the promos that were done by the Undertaker and HBK leading to their Wrestlemania Encounter.

The segment was epic but the crowd was not; one can not blame them seeing as it is a whole new generation of fans yet they still were wetting their little pants when Christian said that he didn’t want Edge AND Christian but Edge vs. Christian.

Now, many peeps are asking as to what was the point of doing this segment when all that they accomplished was wetting the appetites of Peeps and Edgeheads alike and then starving them of any meal. For that I have this to say; that was the bloody idea.

This segment had a three pronged attack which I will now expand on:

1) It was to get Edgeheads and Peeps excited for the potential match up that will occur in the future. A match of that magnitude, as Matt Striker put it "10 years in the making," can only be blown off on one stage and one stage only; Wrestlemania. Therefore, look to see Christian vs. Edge to be THE marquee match for next years 'Mania along with John Cena vs. The Undertaker.

2) This segment was to remind newer viewers that Christian and Edge have a long and storied history. After seeing the awesomeness that occurred in the ring, younger fans will be compelled to search via the medium of internet about the history of Edge and Christian and in doing so will stumble upon the fact that they were the greatest tag-team in the WWE history (open to debate). This therefore means that the next time that E&C have a segment together, the crowd will be more behind them, older and newer fans alike.

3) This segment also accomplished another thing; it was Edge passing the proverbial torch over to Christian as the new face of Smackdown. In that promo, Edge emphasized how much the show meant to him and that it was his show; well the WWE chose Christian to send Edge packing thus taking Edge's place as the top dog on the roster.

Although some will feel that the WWE dangled a juicy carrot in the form of an E&C feud and then yanked it away from them, this segment accomplished what it intended to accomplish and that is to remind viewers that Christian and Edge have a storied history, to see whether the fans would love to see an Edge vs. Christian feud which they do and to emphasize that Christian is here to stay on Smackdown and is a big time player there.

With that being said, the WWE will move forward with the proposed Edge vs Orton feud which looks to be something special. However, on Smackdown it will be make or break time for our beloved Captain Charisma. The ball has been handed to him (or so it seems) and it is up to Christian to run with it like he did in TNA and like he did in ECW.

The Peeps believe in their Pontiff and I will sure as hell be tuning in this Friday Night to see how Captain Charisma will make an impact on the Blue Brand. The question is, if you're not...why the hell aren't you?