Wrestling's Most Precarious Foe

IGGY AZALEAContributor IMay 5, 2010

Over the years there have been many of mistakes and mishaps in professional wrestling, and a lot of that has been due to delinquent creative teams, and the Chairman, the President of the company, the Head Honcho, the head authority figure of the company.

A lot of which could have been avoided with some heavy and precise thinking, but I guess things just happen so people can learn from their mistakes. A recent example of a blunder being made by a professional wrestling company would be TNA attempting to go to "war" with the big dogs of professional wrestling, WWE. 

This was a huge oversight made by TNA and they soon came to realize it after their ratings started to plummet after just 2 weeks into the so-called "war." So now TNA are reverting back to their former time-slot on Thursdays at 9:00 P.M on Spike TV.

I' am not trying to say that World Wrestling Entertainment have not made brutal blunders because quickly awarding Sheamus, a person who joined the WWE just 11 short months ago, the WWE Title.

That was a huge mistake on the behalf of the WWE and on top that they have recently been having him squash to the likes of Triple H and Randy Orton. 

Overall, professional wrestling organizations have made some horrendous mistakes, but all in all they have always found a way to come back from. Well, I guess most of them have. And all in all, professional wrestlings most precarious foe has become itself.

That's all folks. Just a piece of my mind written down and published on Bleacher Report. Questions and comments are accepted.