Chris Bosh To Golden State: Why It Makes Sense and How It Can Be Done

Bobby KezneikCorrespondent IMay 8, 2010

ORLANDO, FL - DECEMBER 16:  Chris Bosh #4 of the Toronto Raptors attempts a shot over Dwight Howard #12 of the Orlando Magic during the game at Amway Arena on December 16, 2009 in Orlando, Florida.  NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this Photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)
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Rumors have been circulating for months now around Chris Bosh leaving the Toronto Raptors.

The Raptors thought they landed big when they drafted the five time NBA All-Star at fourth overall in the 2003 NBA Entry Draft. They were correct. Chris Bosh ended up to being arguably the best player ever to put on a Raptor uniform.

In Bosh's second season in the NBA, Vince Carter was traded away from the Toronto Raptors to the New Jersey Nets, putting the weight all on Chris Bosh to lead this team.

Bosh certainly did not disappoint—his numbers would largely boost up to All-Star caliber and not to far away from MVP consideration. By 2007, Bosh led the Toronto Raptors to the postseason, but they would shortly falter when they were eliminated by the New Jersey Nets in the first round. They would then make it a second straight season, but again they saw an early exit—this time at the hands of the Orlando Magic.

With the Toronto Raptors missing the postseason this season by just one single game, 2010 might have really decided Chris Bosh's future with the Toronto Raptors.

Bosh just recently made a big splash in rumor-ville when he was seen at the Los Angeles Lakers' game during the NBA 2010 postseason. Chris Bosh also reportedly asked on his Twitter: "Should I stay or should I go?"

Many believe that that question may have told a bit too much, as Chris Bosh's mind has already been set on leaving. Should that be the case, many people think that trading him to New York in return for David Lee would be the right deal. Some believe that trading him to Phoenix in return for Steve Nash would be a good deal.

I think that trading him to Golden State would be the best possible deal for both teams involved; here is how and why.

To Golden State Warriors: Chris Bosh (PF, 24.0 PPG, 10.8 RPG, 2.4 APG), Fourth Round Draft Pick (2010)

To Toronto Raptors: Monta Ellis, (G, 25.5 PPG, 4.0 RPG, 5.3 APG), Andris Biedrins (PF, 5.0 PPG, 7.8 RPG, 1.7 APG), Second Round Draft Pick (2010, 35th Overall)

This deal makes perfect sense for both teams. It could very well benefit both teams and would improve both the Toronto Raptors and the Golden State Warriors. Let's begin with the Golden State Warriors.

Giving away Monta Ellis would be okay for the Golden State Warriors because of point guard Stephen Curry, who is on pace to become the next point guard star of the NBA. Curry averaged 17.5 PPG and was nominated for Rookie of the Year. Some even believe that he should have been the one to win the award.

The Golden State Warriors have the fourth pick in the 2010 NBA Entry Draft this season. With that fourth pick, Golden State has a very good chance at drafting Kentucky big man DeMarcus Cousins or Georgia Tech power forward Derrick Favors. With John Wall and& Evan Turner almost certainly going in the top two picks and Derrick Favors likely to be picked third, Golden State should be able to draft DeMarcus Cousins. With a trio of Stephen Curry at the point, Chris Bosh playing power forward, and DeMarcus Cousins at the center position, that could very well form into one of the scariest trios in the NBA. Plus having Bosh and Cousins at the 4 and 5 positions would be dominant for Golden State. (think Duncan and Robinson in San Antonio).

The Toronto Raptors will benefit from this deal by acquiring one of the league's best scorers today. Monta Ellis averaged an outstanding 25.5 PPG this season, and I believe that his numbers would increase with a young and athletic team that the Toronto Raptors have.

With the second round pick from Golden State, while still having the 13th pick in the 2010 NBA Entry Draft, Toronto could possibly draft Hassan Whiteside of the Marshall Thundering Herd. Hassan Whiteside averaged a solid 13.1 PPG, 8.9 RPG, and an astonishing 5.4 BPG in just his freshman year.

If not Hassan Whiteside, there is a fair chance at the Raptors nabbing Ekpe Udoh of Baylor or Gordon Hayward of Butler. Ekpe Udoh's numbers are very similar to Whiteside's, and Gordon Hayward's numbers are better in PPG which was at 15.5 PPG. With Golden State's second round draft pick, a very likely pick would be Darinton Hobson, who averaged a very solid 15.9 PPG and 9.3 RPG.

Much like Golden State, the Toronto Raptors would have a good trio of players. Monta Ellis playing the point or the shooting guard, Hassan Whiteside or Ekpe Udoh at the four position sharing time with Andrea Bargnani, and  Andreas Biedrins at the center position would be a good core to work with for the Toronto Raptors.