"A Rampage Fans Prospective: Why Evans Needs to Win"

The RookieCorrespondent IMay 10, 2010

What comes to mind when you hear Rampage? Rather Rampage Jackson? What I hear is one of the most feared, top pound-for-pound fighters in the world at one time. That time wasn't too long ago. With being a former PRIDE and UFC Light Heavyweight Champion of the World, Jackson should know how to handle himself, but with recent weight gain, lack of focus, and overall laziness, he's a mess.

With only weeks away till one of the most anticipated, emotional, and stalled fights in UFC history, Rampage will go toe-to-toe for the first time ever against his rival ,"Sugar" Rashad Evans.

Questions are stirring on Rashad's part, will his chin be his downfall? How long will he last against Rampage? Which month in the fall will Jackson face Shogun? I turn these question to Jackson, is there ring rust? Will he even cut down to 205 in time? Will he be in shape, that's the most important in my opinion, just look at Rampage's recent fights with Jardine and Griffin, fighters he should've dominated, he squeaked out a victory over Jardine, but lost to ugh...Forest Griffin, the man who has been thought as the next 205 gatekeeper, with a couple of more losses, replacing yes, Jardine.

I know for a fact that Jackson does not have the same passion he once had for MMA. In fact that's why he's trying acting, if you were living under a rock, then I'll tell you, Rampage is B.A. in the next "A-Team" movie, which will most likely be a failure. With that being said, Rampage will no doubt make him some money in Hollywood. He cancelled his much anticipated match against Evans at UFC 107, due to the film.

The man who we knew as "Rampage" Jackson who beat Chuck Liddell, not once, twice, in his prime, Dan Henderson, Wanderlei Silva, and has one of MMAs greatest highlights ever, with his slam on Ricardo Arona.

But, "Quinton" Jackson, is an actor who has played in multiple movie roles, and has lost his touch with the MMA World, and more importantly himself.

Finally...ENTER Rashad Evans

I was watching MMA Live on ESPN2, and I saw what was a man, who was well educated, honest, a overall good guy in Rashad Evans, a guy who can give UFC a good image. Right now, MMA is in a bit of turmoil, with the firing and cheapshot via Paul Daley.

Minus all of these paragraphs, let's just compare Rampage and Rashad, Rampage has no focus, out of shape, smoking, no desire, and just wants to finish his UFC contract and focus on his movie career, while Rashad on the otherhand, whether he says it or not, wants to avenge his lost to Lyoto "Dragon" Machida. He's focused, determined, in shape, and ready. That's all of the ingredients for a perfect fight if you're Evans.

Personally, I love Page to death, but when it's time, it's time, this should actually be his last match, depending on performance against Rashad.

Even though I want to see Rampage/Shogun II, with Rampage avenging his lost, I don't want to see a man who doesn't want to be in the octagon fighting.

But overall, it'll be better for UFC to have Shogun/Evans later this year, with the farewell of Rampage and his legendary career at UFC 114.

The rides been fun Page, but every ride has to end...


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