You Can't Jinx The Perfect Game

Walt HaleyContributor IMay 11, 2010

I conducted a survey recently, asking people what they thought was a perfect game.
98.2 percent of the people surveyed, thought it related to a guy who spits crazy lines at a ton of girls in a bar, and lands a mass amount of tail in the process. 
I guess you could say, it relates to witnessing the ultimate, Mack Daddy. 

We are actually referring to watching a perfect game in baseball. 

Dallas Braden did it, yesterday, on Mother’s Day! 

It was only one of 19 perfect games pitched in Major League Baseball history.

Mike and Mike in the Morning showed a stat how Dallas Braden just set the record for pitching a perfect game against the team with the best winning percentage in baseball— the Tampa Bay Rays with a winning percentage of slightly over .730. 

Pitching a perfect game is nuts, but pitching a perfect game against a line-up like the Rays, is absurd. 

Number two on the list—Nolan Ryan. 

Third and fourth on the list of people with perfect games against the top winning teams in baseball—Sandy Koufax and Sandy Koufax. 

Sandy Koufax didn’t throw one perfect game, he threw two (against two really, really good teams too.)

Dallas Braden is in great company and he did it on Mother’s Day too. You couldn’t ask for a better day.

His mother passed away when he was a senior in high school and his grandmother raised him after that. She was in the stands cheering him on. They embraced on the field to celebrate his great feat and they were both reduced to tears. 

What a great story. 

I don’t know much about Dallas Braden, but I couldn’t be happier for him. What a tribute to someone he obviously loved a ton. 

This put a smile on my face for the rest of the day. 

It made me think about one of the funniest things that had ever happened to me and my wife at a sporting event. 

My wife and two of my friends purchased a Sunday package during the last Phillies season at Veterans stadium in 2003. 

We got it because the very last game was included in the package. They lost the last game but the tribute afterwards was fantastic. 

It was the last time Tug McGraw made a public appearance before passing away. He rode out in a golf cart and reenacted the final pitch in the 1980 World Series win. 

Our seats weren’t too bad, we were in the first row of the top bowl, so we were able to kick up our feet up and relax and soak up the rays. Prime tanning seats.

Early on in our Sunday package on 4/6/2003, Brett Myers was on the mound. 

After the fourth inning, I nonchalantly mentioned to my wife that Brett Myers was pitching a non-hitter. I mentioned it in a normal toned voice. I was just surprised how quickly the innings added up.    

The guy sitting next to us started freaking out on me. He said I just jinxed Brett Myers and it is proper etiquette to not mention a no hitter while a no hitter is in progress.

I understand the rule if you play on the darn team and sit next to the pitcher.

We got into a heated discussion. I kindly pointed out that we are approximately 6,000 feet away from the dugout and that Brett Myers did not hear me make mention of the no hitter, so he will be fine. 

The gentleman was older and pointed out that he has had season tickets for over 25 years and that he has never witnessed a no hitter live and I just ruined it for him. 

I told him to relax. I said that Brett Myers was on fire and that his drought of not witnessing a no hitter was about to end.

Brett Myers came out the next inning and proceeded to get shelled and even took the loss in the game (hah.)

That isn’t the great part. The joker who yelled at me gave his tickets away the next Sunday home game on 4/27/03. 

You know what happened? Kevin Millwood pitched a NO HITTER! 

One of the top three things I have witnessed in my life (sporting events wise.)

The whole place was going nuts and this miserable man missed it — making it that much more enjoyable. 

When the guy showed up the game after that, I simply asked him, “did you watch the no hitter on TV?  Because we were all here to watch it live!”

We haven’t spoken since. I really hate people.

One thing did come up about yesterday’s perfect game—Evan Longoria tried to bunt his way on in the fifth inning, with his team trailing by four runs.—People are going crazy about how he broke one of baseball’s unwritten rules. 

You see, you are not supposed to bunt your way onto base to break up a perfect game. 

You know what I think? That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. 

First, you are trying to win the game. 

Second, who the freak cares that the opposing pitching is pitching a perfect game, the whole point of baseball is to get on base! 

Who wants to be known for getting no hit?  These guys are too prideful to not attempt this. 

You field a team to play the game. If your third baseman is playing too deep to field a bunt, that is your team’s fault — not the hitters fault. 

Get over it. 


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