Time RAW and NXT Were Besmirched? Regal for Commissioner.

Edward EwenceContributor IMay 11, 2010

Hi everyone,
first off this is my first article so go easy on me!

The article itself is about William Regal, currently a non-entity aimlessly wondering around RAW but with the potential to greatly enhance both Raw and a smaller show (NXT). This is not only the proposal of something for Regal to do but of a whole storyline. Feel free to pick apart either.

The Proposal
My suggestion of how to use him is simply make him the GM of Raw. The opening angle is fairly straightforward, easily worked into current storylines and in my opinion would prove popular. Yes I’m aware that Regal is lucky to be employed after, let’s say, besmirching his own name through multiple violations. However, if you are going to keep him on you might as well use him for all he’s worth.

The Beginning
Using his powers as GM, Regal swaps his and Jericho’s NXT rookies on Monday night RAW. Throughout NXT Regal has coveted Jericho’s rookie, fellow Brit Wade Barret. Meanwhile he has been thoroughly disappointed with Skip Sheffield.

Barret is ready to come to one of the 2 main WWE brands. He is fairly over and has great mic skills. He’s not the best wrestler but he’s good enough and he’ll only get better.

Skip is not great in the ring, or on the mic. He doesn’t have a good gimmick. Lose him WWE.

The Story
Jericho is put out at losing his rookie and is determined that if he can’t win with Barret, Regal can’t either.
As such he interferes with Barret on NXT and RAW (where Regal is trying to push Barret and he’s a constant presence as GM’s enforcer/bodyguard).
Jericho goes as far as to have Skip purposefully lose to give Bryan Danielson his first NXT win (to the Miz’s displeasure).

Meanwhile, Regal does everything he can to make life difficult for Jericho, standard nasty GM tactics.

There’s a match to determine who will get a WWE contract when Regal calls foul on the pro poll at NXT. The 1st placed (Daniel Bryan) and 2nd place (Barret of course) have a match for the contract which Barret loses.

As a result, Regal gives his prodigy another shot in a match with Jericho at PPV for a contract with Regal as guest commentator.
When Regal attempts to interfere and sets up a table in the ring, Barret instead powerbombs Regal through it. Jericho lies down and allows Wade to pin him.
The Mental Mastermind leans over the KO’d Regal to reveal his aim to get HIS rookie Wade Barret a guaranteed place in the WWE after he realised Bryan was topping the polls.


So that’s my idea for a storyline introducing Regal as GM.
I feel that Jericho and Regal could maintain heel statuses whilst continuing this feud and they are both capable of cutting great promos, they did some of my favorites of post 2000 & their entire feud was awesome . A brief reminder,

It also raises awareness for NXT aswell as making it better by having two of
the Pros feud.

Regardless of how you feel about the storyline itself, it’s just an example of one of many ways to start a Regal GM run. As long as you put him here and lose the guesthosts, the product would be greatly improved regardless.