Toronto Maple Leafs Losers Since '67: The Only Reason You Hate the Leafs

Bobby KezneikCorrespondent IMay 15, 2010

TORONTO, ON - MARCH 13:  Phil Kessel #81 of the Toronto Maple Leafs questions a call by referee Steve Kozari #40 in a game against the Edmonton Oilers on March 13, 2010 at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario. The Leafs defeated the Oilers 4-2. (Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images)
Claus Andersen/Getty Images

The Toronto Maple Leafs: What is there to say about the Blue and White?

Well, facts are facts and they did finish 29th in the National Hockey League this past season.

They haven’t made the postseason since 2004. They have a ridiculous history of making bad trades and they have been held from hoisting Lord Stanley since 1967, which makes for a very long, long, long 43 years.

However, it seems like ever since the Toronto Maple Leafs turned into one of the league's worst teams, many have initiated a certain hate or bash towards the team—continuously making jokes about their bad management, their awful goal-tending, their poor and unstable defense, and their joke of an offense (mainly this season).

But, if you ask somebody, “Why do you hate the Leafs,” chances are that most of their responses will be one of the following: “Because they suck,” “Because they haven’t won a cup ever,” or “Because they are always last.”

However, the most educated answer would be: "Because of their fans."

The Toronto Maple Leafs has the largest fanbase in all of hockey. They have fans and supporters across the nation and across North America.

The Air Canada Centre, the stadium where the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Toronto Raptors play, is always, and I mean always, filled with people and fans whenever the Toronto Maple Leafs are playing a home game.

Even if the blue and white are in last place in the Eastern Conference, the seats that surround the ice surface are flooded with bodies.

To critics, this shows stupidity and that Leaf fans are idiotic for showing up to the games. To everybody else, that shows loyalty and patriotism towards Leaf fans because we stick by our team, no matter the circumstances or situation.

What really angers and evokes Leaf critics is that Leaf fans don't just show up to home games, we are everywhere. Leaf fans show up to games all over North America.

Whether it's a game in Buffalo, New York, San Jose, Detroit, Columbus, Ottawa, or anywhere else, you are guaranteed to see a handful of Leaf fans supporting their club.

In Ottawa, there are so many Leaf fans, that whenever Toronto is in town to play the Senators, you hear more "Go Leafs Go" chants than you do "Go Sens Go."

If you listen closely when Daniel Alfredsson (the captain of the Ottawa Senators) touches the puck, you hear boos from the crowd.

To be fair, it's most likely Leaf fans that are booing him and not Senators fans, but still that just shows how many Leaf fans there are, and not just in Toronto.

Leaf fans tend to be arrogant, according to many critics out there.

Now, as a Leaf fan, I will admit that I do believe the Leafs will make the postseason every year, but what am I supposed to say? “No you're right, the Leafs suck and they will always fail”?

I'm just being optimistic, and so are a lot of other Leaf fans. What's wrong with that?

I will make a bet with anybody here that when the Toronto Maple Leafs make the playoffs and become a cup contending team, we are going to have the most band-wagon fans in the NHL.

And that is a guarantee.