Strikeforce Heavy Artillery: Beatdown Report

Randy JordanContributor IMay 16, 2010

After all the exciting events that have taken place since Strikeforce: Nashville, this event was definitely supposed to put behind the checkered past of Strikeforce events. Strikeforce couldn’t put up a poor effort,  they needed to give the fans a good show. I thought they did just that, providing some entertaining fights to fill a Saturday left void by the collapse of the Shine Event.

Let's take a look at the re-cap of the fights.You can find more MMA news at my website The Beat Down Blog . Check it out it's new but it's getting better everyday.

Fight No. 1 – Rafael Cavalcante VS Antwain Britt

Round 1: The first half minute of the fight starts of with the fighter feeling each other out. Britt is the first one to land as he fired off a quick combo. Britt pressed Cavalcante against the fence, “Feijao” applies the thai clinch, which is quickly broken by Britt.

Antwain Britt is firing off combos as Rafael Cavalcante is trying to get the clinch when he gets close. Cabalcante stumbles after getting hit by one of Britt’s winging punches.  Backing up Cavalante fires off counters as Britt comes forward dropping him, and Cavalcante wins by KO (Punches) Round  1 – 3:45

Fight No. 2 – Roger Gracie VS Kevin Randleman

Round 1: The fight starts off with Gracie popping off a few jabs and Randleman countering with an inside leg kick. Gracie goes is for the take-down and gets shucked off immediately. Randleman is looking to sprawl and brawl while Gracie is not holding back on striking attempting a flying knee before getting pressed against the fence. Gracie attempts a guillotine but in a scramble  Randleman gets out and ends the round with a small flurry. It was a close round but I gave it to Randleman 10-9.

Round 2 : Gracie comes out with a flurry a jabs, Randlemann presses Gracie against the fence going for the double leg. Gracie responds with a knee to gut which drops Randleman immediately. Gracie secures mount on a injured Randleman. In a scramble Gracie gets the exposed back of Randleman looking for a rear-naked choke. Roger Gracie secures a body triangle making it worse for the wrestler Randleman. Fighting off for a while Randleman cannot hold it off anymore, as Gracie wins by Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) Round 2 - 4:10

Fight No. 3 – Joey Villasenor VS Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza

Round 1: Ronaldo Souza comes out of his corner with a jab,leg-kick, followed by a take-down attempt. Unable to get the take-down Souza presses Villasenor against the fence before they both fight out of it swinging wildly. In the exchange Souza is able to secure the take-down. Looking to pass Souza fires of some ground and pound. Villasenor is able to buck off Souza, but Souza just presses him back against the cage. They trade knees before Souza runs down another take-down. In side control Souza looks for the kimura, but Villasenor is able to end the round getting up in a scramble. I scored the first round 10-8 Souza.

Round 2: Villasenor runs down Souza but gets taken-down for his troubles. As they both fight for position Villasenor is able to scramble up and stop another take-down of Souza. Villasenor is pressed up against the fence and swept to the ground by Souza. A kimura attempt by Ronaldo Souza let’s Joey Villasenor get to his feet. Villasenor fires off a right, while Jacare lands a left hook. The hook leads to a take-down by Souza, he fires off some ground-and-pound before Joey Villasenor once again scrambles to his feet. Villasenor tries a leg kick which is countered by a body-shot of Jacare. Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza keeps trucking forward attempting one more takedown as the round ends. This round I scored 10-9  Souza.

Round 3: Villasenor is starting to look better as Jacare looks like he is the more winded fighter. They start off trading fists and Jacare looks for a winded take-down but gets bucked off immediately. Just as Villasenor looks like he is turning the tide Jacare gets the take-down from Villasenor’s opening by swinging too wildly. Jacare seems to stall out on top of Joey Villasenor, the referee seems to agree, standing both fighters up. I can’t say I agree as Jacare fought to get into the dominant position, he should be allowed some leniency. Joey takes most of the opportunity landing a viscous flying knee but is take-down once again during the process. The round could have gone either way, but it ends and the fight, which was scored a Decision (Unanimous) Round 3 – 5:00 for Ronaldo Souza.

Fight No. 4:  Antonio Silva VS. Andrei Arlovski

Round 1: Andrei Arloski starts the fight off with a solid leg kick which is countered by a right hook by Silva. Antonio Silva is returning Arlovski’s strikes as they both mix it up. Andrei fires off a double jab which is met by the wild swinging of Silva. Andrei Arlovski gets tagged by Silva and is rocked. Pressed against the fence Arlovski is bleeding. Silva gets the take-down getting into Arlovski’s guard, scrabling out at the end of the round. 10-9 Silva .

Round 2: Arlovski comes out of his corner with a flurry which is met with a body kick by Silva. Both are winging punches and Arlovski is rocked again. While against the fence Silva switches up his stance, both fighters fight it out on the inside. They get broken up and Silva goes for the take-down and is eventually broken up by Big John McCarthy. “Big Foot” keeps switching stances kicking the legs of Arlovski, Andrei retreats throwing punches on his way out. This round was close I gave it to Arlovski 10-9.

Round 3: Andrei paws away with his jab, leg kicks are returned bu Silva. Switching stances once again is Silva.Arlovski gets pressed up against the fence and they fight it out on the inside. Antonio Silva gets reversed and pressed up against the cage. After a clench battle Big John McCarthy breaks the fighters apart. Arlovski throws combo of punches and kicks and is greeted by a take-down attempt. Silva puts Arlovski on his back after the take-down delivering ground-and-pound to secure the win. Arlovski scrambles out as is clowned on by Antonio Silva at the end of the fight. 10-9 Silva.

Winner: Antonio Silva Decision (Unanimous) Round 3 - 5:00

Fight No. 5: Alistair Overeem VS. Brett Rogers Strikeforce Heavyweight Title Bout.

Overeem comes out engaging, and Rogers gets in close with the clench. Both fighters swing out of the clench and Overeem lands some kicks. The fighters once again clench and Overeem throws the larger Rogers like a ragdoll. Some ground-and-pound is landed by Overreem in side control, followed by some knees to the body. In a scramble Rogers starts to cover-up. Overeem stands up  Then immediately goes into the guard of Roger delivering massive blows to Brett Rogers. Brett starts to cover up but after a few seconds cannot provide enough defense and the fight is stopped. Winner Alistair Overeem TKO (Punches) Round 1 – 3:40.

This has been the Strikeforce Heavy Artillery edition of the Beatdown Report. My next article will be covering the fallout of the Strikeforce event. Remember check out my website The Beat Down Blog . Check that out and The Bleacher Report if you like my articles. Tell me what you think.