Strikeforce Heavy Artillery: The Fall-Out

Randy JordanContributor IMay 16, 2010

There are a couple of things I have learned from witnessing the Strikeforce Event.

First, this event trumped the last one in Nashville.

The fights were far more entertaining and lived up to the hype.

There were a couple of decent fights, and the Main Event, provided all the "pop" Strikeforce needed to have a successful event.

Let's recap the results of the fights, and more importantly what that means for Strikeforce.

Rafael Cavalcante Defeats Antwain Britt KO (Punches)

Roger Gracie Defeats Kevin Randleman Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)

Ronaldo Souza Defeats Joey Villasenor Decision (Unanimous)

Antonio Silva Defeats Andrei Arlovski Decision (Unanimous)

Alistair Overeem Defeats Brett Rogers TKO (Punches)

Fight No. One—Rafael Cavalcante Defeats Antwain Britt KO (Punches)

Immediately after his win, rumors are being passed around that Rafael Feijao will be Strikeforce light-heavyweight champion, King Mo's, first opponent.

While I don't think this is a horrible match-up, I don't think his exciting finish warranted a title shot.

He is teammates of Anderson Silva so he is a viable contender. But, I think Roger Gracie would sell more tickets and be a more exciting match-up.

Cavalcante proved he is an exciting fighter with another stoppage, I think it is only a matter of time before Cavalcante shows he is one of the best that Strikeforce has at LHW.

I am looking forward to watching more of his exciting fights in the future.

Antwain  Britt needs to bounce back as soon as possible.

At age 32, his time as a legit contender is dwindling. Although, he showed some signs of talent before his abrupt KO loss to Cavalvante.

I would like to see him face someone at LHW in Strikeforce to prove he can still be a viable contender.

Fight No. Two — Roger Gracie Defeats Kevin Randleman Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)

Roger Gracie showed alot of things during his win over veteran Kevin Randleman.

He showed that he can hang with  veterans like Randleman, he also showed he has a long way to go in terms of talent.

His stand-up game while not pretty, but was efficient.

His jab seemed to keep Randleman off balance and provided openings for the knee that dropped Kevin Randleman.

While Roger Gracie has along way to go I would like to see him step up in competition and face the elite of Strikeforce.

I would throw him against 'King Mo," as this is a stylistic match-up dream, a world-class wrestler vs. world-class BJJ is always appealing.

The Gracie name would sell the fight aswell.

This maybe pre-mature, but Strikeforce doesn't have alot of depth at LHW, and should take advantage of the name power of its young stars while they can.

This fight would have the potential to be a co-main-event, and a good sell to fight fans.

We will see if the Cavalcante rumors are true, only time will tell.

As for Kevin Randleman , I would have him face off against Antwain Britt, in a loser leaves town match.

Randleman has lost his last three, and appeared stagnate in loss to the inexperienced fighter. 

I think his time of relevancy is past, he didn't show anything that would make him appear worthy of being a contender in Strikeforce.

Just because of his name and seniority, I  would give him one more go before calling quits on Kevin Randleman in Strikeforce.

Fight No. Three Ronaldo Souza Defeats Joey Villasenor Decision (Unanimous)

Ronaldo Souza put on a wrestling clinic on Saturday, he had the advantage and exploited it.

Joey Villasenor was not able to get much offense, stifled by the relentlessness of the take-downs of Jacare.

I would like to see Souza face the toughest of the middleweight division of Strikeforce.

Middleweight is the deepest division in Strikeforce, there are plenty of exciting match-ups for Souza in the future.

I would like to see him settle his feud with Jason Miller, those guys aren't friends and would make an exciting match-up.

Along with Miller, names like Dan Henderson, Melvin Manhoef, and even the  "invisible"  Tim Kennedy.

There are going to be some exciting match-ups within the Strikeforce middleweight division.

With Jake Shields leaving the MW Title, this should be more than enough to light the wick on some explosive fights in the future.

As for Joey Villasenor , he showed he has a long way to come in terms of grappling to hang with top-tier MW's in Strikeforce.

I would throw him against Frank Shamrock or Matt Lindland.

Shamrock probably wouldn't accept, and Lindland would jump at it, given what he saw with Jacare.

There aren't many viable wins for you in Strikeforce at MW, if you have trouble stopping take-downs.

That's a fact.

Villasenor needs to work on his wrestling/grappling  game if he wants to stick around  as a contender in a wide open MW division.

Fight No. Four — Antonio Silva Defeats Andrei Arlovski Decision (Unanimous)

Another fight and another step back for Andrei Arlovski .

Normally, I start off with the winner of the match. With this one I felt compelled to touch on the demise of one of the brightest stars of the heavyweight division.

At one time was champion of one of the biggest organizations, now struggling, losing his last three fights.

I will never accuse Andrei Arlovski of ducking fights, as he has fought the best in Fedor, and one of the biggest unknowns (Brett Rogers,) only to lose to both.

Andrei Arlovski will look to make the climb back to the top, every fight should be treated as his biggest now.

I would have him face Rogers again, the re-match is very appealing and sets up for you to promote your other stars as well.

Antonio Silva has come-back after his decision loss to Werdum with a big win  over Arlovski.

Antonio Silva needs to keep fighting top-tier fighters, he could  put on a  run for the title with a few wins.

I would give him the loser of Fedor Vs. Werdum.

The fight with Werdum was really close and exciting, and if Fedor happened to lose, a fight with Antonio Silva would give him to bounce back before a title-shot.

Fight No. Five Alistair Overeem Defeats Brett Rogers TKO (Punches)

Alistair Overeem showed why he is Strikeforce Champion dispatching Rogers before the end of the first round.

He showed off his K-1 striking abilities against a larger/longer fighter, he was able to throw Rogers like a discuss even with the (-/+)15 lbs difference.

I think it is obvious Overeem should get the winner of the Fedor VS. Werdum match.

I hope it is Fedor as this match would be epic, and a big boost for Strikeforce/MMA.

It would be nice to see Overeem and Fedor fighting more often, I think every fan would agree with that.

Brett Rogers needs to stop his two fight losing streak. I would pit him against Arlovski, they seem to be developing a rivalry, with Arlovski saying Rogers got lucky.

This fight would keep them both relevant, and possibly setting up a future rubber match in the process.

This fight makes too much sense not to make, and I think it is inevitable that it will happen.

Well, that is the end of the Strikeforce Heavy Artillery:The Fall-Out article.

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