Top Ten Things to Do on a "No NASCAR" Sunday

Mary Jo BuchananSenior Writer IJuly 20, 2008

Avid NASCAR fans live for NASCAR Sprint Cup racing weekends.  We settle in on Fridays for qualifying, perhaps tune in for practice or Happy Hour, and then park ourselves all Sunday afternoon for the big race.

But what to do when our Cup boys have an off weekend?  Here are my top ten suggestions for things to do when there is just no racing on Sunday:


  1. Get that second “8” tattoo you’ve been dying to get since the start of the season.
  2. White out the “Bud” on Kasey Kahne’s car and create a new logo for InBev. It's definitely not as catchy as Anheuser-Busch….
  3. Send off that belated first birthday card to Ella Sofia Gordon.
  4. Show up at your church and see if the walls really do fall down like your minister keeps telling you they will.
  5. Go for a long hike in the woods…..and try drafting your hiking partners.  You will get to the top of the trail sooner.  It’s all in the draft!
  6. Photoshop Ryan Newman into the new Stewart Haas race car.  Or Photoshop Joey Logano into that No. 20 JGR car.  Or maybe Photoshop Casey Mears into the No. 20 JGR car.   The Silly Season possibilities are endless!
  7. Invite your family over for that Sunday dinner that you’ve been putting off all race season.  And when you can’t stand it any more, put in Talladega Nights for some race relief!
  8. Practice your boo’s and hisses for Kyle Busch’s victory at the Brickyard next week……………hiss…….
  9. Challenge your neighbor to a lawn mower race – that ought to stop his complaining about those weeds and tall grass….
  10. Program your DVR for the ESPY awards… just can’t go wrong with Justin Timberlake who knows absolutely nothing about racing!

And finally, just remember that next weekend is right around the corner.  So hang in there NASCAR Sprint Cup race fans – we will be back on the couch before we know it!