Diego Sanchez Looks To Make John Hathaway Give DNA The Old Fasion Way!

jason hughesCorrespondent IMay 19, 2010

LONDON - SEPTEMBER 14:  Britain's Prince William is pictured through a laboratory window while extracting the DNA from a mosquito during a visit to open The New Darwin Centre at The Natural History Museum on September 14, 2009 in London, England. Britain's Prince William joined Sir David Attenborough on Monday to open the £78 million GBP centre based around a 65-metre-long, eight-storey high cocoon contains a state-of-the-art research and exhibition facility named after the father of the theory of evolution. Some 200 scientists work in the new building that also houses 17 million plant and insect specimens.  (Photo by Adrian Dennis/WPA Pool/Getty Images)
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 Diego Sanchez is looking to rebound from from last December's bloodbath loss to BJ Penn with not only a move up but a fight against a relatively unknown, ok, can of a fighter in England's John Hathaway.

Well, well, how far the mighty have fallen, once a main to co-main card attraction, Sanchez must now defend his honor against an unproven fighter who has no wins against any relavent fighter ever in his history as an MMA fighter.

While Sanchez last fight was a one sided loss to the "Prodigy" it happened to be for the belt, this fight might just be for his UFC life!

Sanchez has decided ,ONCE AGAIN that he needs to change weight classes instead of sticking around for a while and fighting at the 155 pound weight class.

The reason I do not like Sanchez's jump back up is that he was nowhere near a title contender the first time he fought at WW, so what makes him think that he is going to fare any better this time around?

I just don't think Diego gave it enough time to settle into his LW surroundings and after his devastating loss to Penn, he has just seemed to pack it all up again and go back to whence he came.

Now I am going to pick Sanchez to win the battle at 114 with Hathaway simply because he got a fight that he just could not turn down, EASY MONEY!

John Hathaway has the same experience of fighting top level competition that makes Kimbo Slice look like the number 1 heavyweight in all of MMA.

 I am looking for "The Nightmare" to come out guns blazing and put the lower level talent fighter away really fast for I have yet to see anything of substance from the Englishmen's   resume that sticks out in my mind.

I could be wrong but as usual there will be blood on the canvas during this fight and I don't think that it will be coming from Sanchez.

But I also do not see a reason for the jump up in weight class already for Sanchez, he really didn't give the LW division a real chance to shine in.