WWE Over The Limit 2010 Predictions

RJ Toothe@Augusts_trulyCorrespondent IApril 9, 2017

Well folks, it's been a while since I've written an article due to the fact that i've been sorting some things out personally, however, I'm back and ready to entertain all of you fine people.

This article will be my predictions for, WWE Over The Limit, and this card can either be atrocious or superb depending on how WWE lets things play out.

There are rivalries being settled as well as just budding on this card and I cannot wait to see how things play out.


Let's start with Ted DiBiase Jr vs R-Truth.

This rivalry interests me because I've been hearing a lot of buzz about Ted possibly forming a stable with his brother Brett and Joe Hennig, son of the late Mr.Perfect.

It will be interesting to see if that does end up happening and if we will see it at, Over The Limit, however, with the reprising of Virgil, I am not sure where they will take it.

After the abuse that Truth has taken at the hands of Ted over the past few weeks, I see R-Truth getting the win here, however, it can go either way depending on the direction WWE wants to take this feud in.

Winner: R-Truth


The next match is Eve vs Maryse for the WWE Divas Championship

This feud has been going on for a while now and I must say i've enjoyed watching Eve transform from just a little eye candy to a legitimate contender.

Maryse has really gone to some extremes as of late to make the champions life as tough as possible. As much as I would like to see Eve win, I think they will put the strap back on Maryse, so I see a new Divas champion, not without a new underhanded tactics brought into play mind you.

Winner: Maryse


Now on to Chris Jericho and The Miz vs The Hart Dynasty for the Unified Tag Team Championship.

This feud would be much better off in my opinion if Bret Hart wasn't doing all the talking for The Hart Dynasty.

They are an explosive up and coming tag team and they should be able to showcase their abilities not only in the ring, but on the mic.

Anyway, after Bret taking the U.S. Title from The Miz this past Monday, I don't see him and Jericho coming up empty handed again.

The only way I see Jericho and Miz not winning the gold is if they get themselves disqualified, which is possible.

Jericho and Miz take out Kidd and Smith with chairs then it's a two-on-one vs Bret, which is also a good way to take Bret out of the equation in this feud and remove him of the U.S. Title. Which in my mind, he has no right to ever be wearing at this point and I was very disappointed when he won it. But i'm gonna stick to my gut instinct here and say Miz and Jericho win back gold.

Winner: Chris Jericho and The Miz


Next we have Drew Mcintyre vs Kofi Kingston for the Intercontinental Championship.

This has the potential to be a show stealer and should definitely not be overlooked.

Both Kofi and Drew have potential to put on a stellar show as well as start a very intense rivalry.

These men both have the potential to be future world champions and this match should showcase that fact.

Kofi has been on a roll as of late and Drew technically never lost the title so this match is basically a coin flip.

I'm gonna go ahead and say Drew will take back his gold, however, this will not be the last we see of these two squaring off.

Winner: Drew Mcintyre


On to Rey Mysterio vs CM Punk, where if Rey wins Punk must shave his head and if Punk wins, Rey must join the Straight Edge Society.

This rivalry is dead locked with Rey picking up a win at Wrestlemania 26 and Punk winning last month at Extreme Rules, with help from a mysterious hooded figure that is yet to be identified.

I think this mystery man will play a role in this match against Rey, however, I dont think WWE would never have Rey go against what he believes in and let the fans down due to his large fan base of children.

I'm more interested in seeing who this man behind the hood really is and what role he will have in this match.

I see Rey winning, be it by disqualification or miscommunication amongst the Straight Edge Society, either way Mysterio will come out on top.

Winner: Rey Mysterio


Next, we have what I think will be the match of the night, Randy Orton vs Edge.

This match is a main event caliber contest and I think these two men will steal the show.

The electricity that this feud has produced from the fans over the past month or so is unreal and the fact that they have a history as members of Rated RKO only adds fuel to the fire.

The oneupmanship being displayed also has had fans on the edge of their seats, not knowing weither they'll see a devistating spear or an RKO from out of nowhere.

In my opinion, these are the two best in the business today and the WWE can turn this into one of the best feuds of the year if they do it right.

This past week on RAW it was Edge who got the best of Randy Orton, delivering a spear to The Viper after a vicious RKO to Jack Swagger.

Therefore, I think it will be Randy who will come out on top, don't think that spear isn't sitting in the back of his mind and if there's anyone who can get in to the mind of Edge, it's the Viper.

This also goes the other way too, these are two of the most cunning and ruthless superstars in WWE history and whoever has the mental edge will come out victorious.

Winner: Randy Orton


On to the first main event of the night, Jack Swagger vs Big Show for the World Heavyweight Championship.

I don't really expect much from this match at all, I'll be completely honest.

This is nothing more than a little feud to show people that Swagger can roll with the big boys and legitimize his reign as champion.

The real test for Swagger will be the next probable feud for him as champion, The Undertaker.

I see this match being very dull and boring, which is sad to say for a World Title match, count on Swagger being the victor.

Winner: Jack Swagger


And last but not least, Batista vs John Cena for the WWE Championship in an, "I Quit," match.

I will tell you now, this will be the best match out of the three between these superstars this year.

There have been rumors of Batista hanging up the boots for good after this match and it makes sense, he's in his 40's and spends more time injured than he does in the ring.

John Cena is also in his environment in this match, he never quits and seems to specialize in these types of contests. 

If this match is anything like Orton and Cena's, "I Quit," match this past fall, I see it being a very solid main event and a good way to send Batista out. 

So, I see Cena taking this one and Big Dave calling it quits after this, not before going out with a bang.

Winner: John Cena


Overall I am looking very forward to this pay per view and it should please the masses.

If you agree, or you would like to send me your predictions, I can be reached on facebook (RJ Toothe) or follow me on twitter (twitter.com/RJTProphecy).

So to all you WWE fans out there, thanks for reading and enjoy Over The Limit


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