The Rumors and the Facts: The Lakers' 2010 Offseason

Hayden KimCorrespondent IIIMay 23, 2010


Whats in store for the Los Angeles Lakers this off season?

LeBron, Ray Allen, Dirk Nowizkti, Chris Bosh, and Dwayne Wade are a few of the big free agents that will be available during this upcoming offseason.

What does that mean for the Lakers?

Well lets just say its gonna be a crazy ride for both the fans and the Lakers' organization.

The biggest rumor flying around is that Chris Bosh of the Toronto Raptors is considering the Lakers to be one of the five teams he's interested in playing for in the future. One might say, "Is this plausible?" I think it is.

The trade would consist of Andrew Bynum heading to Toronto in exchange for Chris Bosh. That is the basic jest of it.

The other big question is would it be a positive? The answer is yes. Sadly Andrew Bynum, once considered the future of this Lakers' team is slowly but surely slowing down due to recent injuries. His body wasn't the problem, it was his luck. I mean you know your luck is bad when one of your major injuries was caused by a fellow team mate, Kobe Bryant.

Just imagine with me for one moment. The Lakers won a championship with this current team minus Ron Artest. Are you really going to tell me adding a border line superstar of Bosh won't make this team better? No, no one in their right mind would say so.

The only problem it may cause is a lack in depth at the center position. I truly believe that the Lakers can fill that hole with Lamar and Bosh's length. Their God-given physicality allows the Lakers to be one of the few teams to play with a true center.

Now I'm not saying that the Lakers won't have a true center. We have Pau Gasol for heavens sake. He is considered the best post player since Kevin McHale. This means that the Lakers will have a close to perfect team.

I'm guessing that Derek Fisher will leave or retire after this season so, the Lakers will probably put either Farmar or Shannon Brown at the point, Kobe at guard, Artest at forward, Bosh would also be a forward, and Pau at the center where he used to play at Memphis. The names alone make this team.

So obviously Bosh would be a big plus to this Lakers' team. But the other question is will the "Zen Master" be here for all of this?

There is a recent rumor that the Lakers Owner, Jerry Buss has asked Phil Jackson to take a pay cut in order to save some valuable money. Currently Phil is making $12 million a year. That's a lot of money.

Knowing Phil Jackson and his personality, I imagine that he will consider leaving due to his huge ego. Phil Jackson is a very proud person if you did not already know. I mean he has won 10 championships and he has coached arguably the two greatest players of all time. How could he not be egotistical.

Because of Jackson's personality that might leave the Lakers' head coaching job available, but who? Well three names come to mind instantly. Byron Scott, an ex-Laker who has coached multiple teams such as the New Jersey Nets when Jason Kidd and Richard Jefferson were there, and he just recently got fired by the New Orleans Hornets. Brian Shaw also an ex-Laker who is currently one the assistant coaches for the Lakers and has close ties with current Laker, Kobe Bryant considering they have played together before too. Lastly, Kurt Rambis, another ex-Laker. If you can remember, he was the what they called the "garbage man" for the "Showtime Lakers" back in the 80's. He recently left the Lakers' organization to pursue a head coaching job in Minnesota but I'd like to think that he would come back if he could.

The common trait between these three future potential candidates is that they were all ex-Laker players and that they are all coaches. The question is if their style of coaching could work for this current Lakers' team.

Well lets take a look one by one.

Starting with the minority, Byron Scott. I call him the minority between the three because he is the only coach that does not have any roots with the Triangle Offense that Phil has mastered and drilled into these current Laker players. This does not mean that he would not be a good candidate for this job, I am just saying that the Lakers would have to switch their style of play according to Scott's coaching methods. Are they willing to do that is the question. Like I said before, Kobe has good ties with Scott and Shaw. If Byron Scott comes to the Lakers I believe that because Scott has been a successful coach that Kobe and the Lakers will come to respect him and they will succeed.

Now to Brian Shaw. He was considered one of Kobe's mentors while he was growing up. They used to play one-on-one all the time. Because Shaw has been an assistant under Phil for awhile I believe that it would be an easy transition for Kobe and the Lakers if Shaw moved to the Head Coaching Job for the Lakers. They would not have to Per Se, bring some one over from another team. He is already here and ready to go.

Lastly, Kurt Rambis. Now if you already did not know, Rambis already tried becoming the head coach before Phil made his return to the Lakers. Obviously it did not work out for Rambis. He is currently over at the Minnesota organization and if he were to come back it would be a push. If I were in his shoes I would hesitate to come back unless there was a guaranteed job. Kurt also knows the Triangle Offense and I believe that he would also be a good fit but you never know what a man thinks after he is turned down by a team that he was loyal to.

Only time will show what is in store for this Lakers' team in the future. The Lakers are like a group of kids in a candy store. They love getting lollipops and candybars. They hear news that theres going to be a new candy store with much more variety. Will the Lakers be loyal to their old candy shop, or will they try something new and head to the new sensation? Like I said, only time will tell.