Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Fans: Seven Rules of Engagement

Sean MorehouseCorrespondent IMay 24, 2010

HOLLYWOOD - MARCH 30:  Professional boxer Manny Pacquiao and trainer Floyd Mayweather attend 'The Battle of East and West', a promotion for the May 2, 2009 World Junior Welterweight Championship boxing match held at the Roosevelt Hotel on March 30, 2009 in Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Floyd Mayweather is a coward—a punk who has gotten to the top of his sport by cherry picking easy opponents. He's also an arrogant jerk and downright bad person.

Manny Pacquiao is an overrated, overhyped flash in the pan. He never would have gotten anywhere without steroids.

These are the opinions of a person who believes everything they read on a boxing message board.

Let's hope that person doesn't exist.

The fans of these two great champions have every right to be supportive of their guy, but when does it cross the line?

Here is a set of rules that fans of both fighters should follow when discussing who is "The Man" in the sport of boxing.


1.  Mayweather Fans

The losses on Pacquiao's record have nothing to do with who is the better fighter right now. Sure, he was outboxed by Eric Morales, but that was 12 fights and five years ago.  His skill level has drastically improved since then. Yes, he was knocked out twice, but he was more or less a kid at that point. The difference between him then and now is night and day. 

After all is said and done, when it's time to look back on his entire career, you can and should count his losses against him. However, if you are talking about who is better today, focus on what he has done lately. 


2.  Pacquiao Fans

There is no reason to refer to Floyd Mayweather as a "chicken," a "sissy," or any other term used to attack the man's heart. It is stupid in general for a fan to question the courage of a boxer. 

You may think that Mayweather lacks the tenacity of Pacquiao, and that's fine. You may not enjoy defensive boxing, and that is also fine. 

The bottom line, though, is that they both risk their lives for your entertainment while you sit on your couch and watch. Give every single man who steps into that boxing ring a proper amount of respect.


3.  Mayweather Fans

Don't blame Manny for the sins of his promoter, Bob Arum. The truth is that the vast majority of boxers don't make their own business decisions. 

You may be annoyed that Manny has already had a fairly boring fight with Top Rank stablemate Josh Clottey, and now seems to be on a collision course with disgraced Antonio Margarito. 

However, you need to understand that most fighters just don't pick their own opponents. If Arum tells Pacquiao that fighting Margarito is the best move, it's fine for Pacquiao to take his advice.


4.  Pacquiao Fans

Mayweather has fought A LOT of great fighters.

Calling him a "ducker" is ignoring the impressive resumes of guys like Diego Corrales, Jose Luis Castillo, Ricky Hatton, and many others. These guys are serious opponents that have beaten a lot of people.

There's no evidence that Floyd has ever avoided fighting top level opponents. In fact, of Floyd's last 15 fights, 12 have been against opponents who have held world titles.

If you think his level of competition is less than Pacquiao's, you are entitled to your opinion. However, the idea that he never fights anybody good is flat out wrong.


5.  Mayweather Fans

Even if you think Pacquiao is a cheater, you cannot take away what he has accomplished.

He has never been caught and even if you think refusal to take a blood test is close to admission of guilt, there is still a very large gap between acting suspicious and actually being guilty. 

Go ahead and say you are suspicious of him, but don't assume that any of his past wins are any less legit.


6.  Pacquiao Fans

Don't read too much into who seems like a nicer person. The two guys both have made calculated career moves when it comes to their public images. I'm sure Floyd has moments in his private life where he is a great guy, just like I'm sure Pacquiao has moments where he doesn't feel like smiling and singing songs. 

Assuming 99.9 percent of you have never even met either guy, much less gotten to know them, don't be so quick to judge their personal character.


7.  Both Sides

Remind yourself constantly that these are, without a doubt, the two best boxers in the world. Regardless of who you think is No. 1, the other is unquestionably No. 2. 

Also, understand that they are both all-time great talents. Either of them would be among the best fighters of ANY era. For that, they both deserve a very high level of respect.


Alright, now that I have said my piece, I'll set the over/under at about an hour before trolling fans of both start breaking the rules in their comments to this article.

Oh well, at least I tried.