"Lakers Vs Celtics!" Preview 2010!

Robert McGlincheyContributor IMay 25, 2010

 Celtics vs Lakers. Popcorn time. Six pack time.

The NBA was is in it's simpliest form in the 80's.

America was still simple too. There was no internet or satellite TV. Tevo was a nick name for a pet.

 Most Americans had basic cable which had 20-25 channels.

 The NBA playoffs were awesome in this time period.

Then. The NBA playoffs were played in a timely matter. No rest between home games.

Now. Teams play one game then take a holiday break until the next one. It's tormenting. It sucks.

I am bored with this.

When the Celtics play the Lakers, the NBA is in it's fully glory. Even haters and non followers of these teams will watch this series.

This is the greatest non-divison rivarly known to humans. The Celtics vs Lakers series is cut and dry.

You can't root for both. You can't flip flop. Lines are drawn.

Hollywood glitz and glamor vs New England working class.

Good Will Hunting vs Born In East Los Angeles.

Clam Chowder vs Fish Tacos

Adam Sandler vs Jack Nicholson

New England Foliage vs California Palm Trees

Celtic Green vs Laker Gold

Celtics 17 Rings vs Lakers 15 Rings

What seperates these two is the Celtics defense. It swarmed the Lakers in 2008, and it will swarm them again in 2010.