Women's Soccer Magazine Run by Players to Launch June First

Kat GalsimCorrespondent IMay 26, 2010

Furthering the growth of women's soccer around the globe, a new magazine will be launched on Tuesday, June 1.

The name? Our Game.

What makes Our Game Magazine unique from other sports magazines is that it is run by players (hence, Our Game). These include the Boston Breakers' Tiffany Weimer, who is the Editor-in-Chief, Leslie Osborne, Alyssa Naeher, and the Canadian National Team's Carmelina Moscato.

The staff is comprised of individuals passionate about women's soccer and dedicated to the growth of the sport. The mission statement: 

The objective of Our Game Magazine is simple. We want to further the popularity of women’s soccer throughout the world. Our aim is to provide a creative, unique perspective like no magazine has ever done before. Soccer is the one game that can unite the world, and we want to aid in the growth of the women’s side of it. The staff at Our Game Magazine is fully committed to bringing you a quality product stemmed from insightful soccer minds and a passion for the beautiful game.

The idea of a women's soccer magazine by players came from Khaled El-Ahmad, president of global women's soccer agency Connect World Football (CWF). Weimer, a CWF client who majored in Journalism at Penn State, was perfect for the job of Editor.

She put the idea into action, and for the past several weeks Weimer has been juggling playing professional soccer and getting a magazine together. More recently, she and her staff have taken to social media to create buzz about Our Game and build a fan base. 

Got Twitter? Follow @OurGameMagazine . Facebook? Check out the page . One can even sign up to the mailing list in order to get the latest news about the magazine.

A year before the Women's World Cup, Our Game Magazine aims to be a source of women's soccer news from around the world. This will start right after the Memorial Day break, when the magazine goes live online.

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