2010 FIFA World Cup: Hairstyles Are Just As Famous As Game-Winning Goals

Patrick McKennaContributor IMay 27, 2010

Remember when the best thing celebrated at the World Cup was late game heroics? Or, that red card that knocked your country down to 10 men? Even, the headbutt! But what about the hairstyles of David Beckham, or Djibril Cisse?

Hairstyles are just as famous as game-winning goals when it comes to the World Cup, and South Africa proves to be no different.

Forget about WAGs, this is the real event!

Even though popular hairstyle fashionista David Beckham won't be playing for England, he will still be attending the World Cup. Don't worry ladies, he will be sporting a new do.

With the World Cup just 24 days away, players are planning which style they will don this year. Here is a shortlist of the most popular styles.

The Classic: Mohawk

The Retro: Afro

The Weird: Multi-colored

The Standard: Locks of love

With so many different choices to choose from, it can be hard at times for players to decide exactly what style they are going for. Unless you are the 1998 Romania National team who all supported the identical bleached blonde hair.

Even the coach got in on the act! 

Although, you could opt for the locks of love! Every female like a little length in a guy's hair right? If you start now, you could be ready for The World Cup in 2014! Even though it may not be the locks of love anymore, maybe even the locks of horror.

Warning: Parents beware, your child will try to emulate his or her favorite player's hairstyle.  

Remember when all the kids on the soccer pitch cut their hair to emulate the Beckham Fohawk?  

I sure do!  

It was a sensation and it only happens every four years. Parents just hope no one wears the multi-colored hairstyle as it is messy and can be expensive! Also, it tends to last a very long time!

With all eyes on the pitch, everyone from little toddlers to old ladies will be watching come June 11 to find out which is the best hairstyle this year.

Reminder: Some styles will fade out just as fast as the player or team that wears it. So if you are thinking of running to the nearest barber, do it before your Nation is eliminated or you may end up looking like Ronald McDonald. Who is still suffering from the Valderrama fro being eliminated in 1990 with a blink of an eye. 

Did I mention that the Fro was so distracting that the U.S. forgot how to play that year?

Choose wisely.

Choose smartly.

See you all at the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa!


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