The Undertaker Returns To WWE Smackdown

Jay BrennanCorrespondent IMay 29, 2010

Prior to the show’s opening credits there was a video package promoting The Undertaker’s return to Smackdown.



Opening Segment:


The show kicked off with Theodore Long announcing that Jack Swagger would defend his World Heavyweight Championship in a four-way match at “Fatal Four Way” pay-per-view.


Long advised the crowd that Big Show has already qualified due the results of “Over the Limit” last Sunday.


Long announced that CM Punk would take on Kane and Rey Mysterio would fight The Undertaker in qualifying matches.


Drew McIntyre interrupted and entered the ring. McIntyre told Long he was wrong for allowing the match to continue at “Over the Limit” and that he should still be the Intercontinental Champion.


McIntyre gave Long a letter to read out loud to the crowd. The letter from Mr. McMahon advised that Hardy was suspended.


When Long was walking to the back, Matt Hardy came down the ramp to attack McIntyre.



(WC) Jack Swagger/Drew McIntyre vs. (IC) Kofi Kingston/Big Show:


The match looked great on paper. This was a decent match featuring both the World champion and Intercontinental champion. These tag team matches are usually promoted as the main event for most television programs.


Kingston was dominated for the majority of the match by Swagger and McIntyre until he tagged in Big Show.


McIntyre attempted to hit his “Future Shock” double-arm DDT to finish the Big Show with no avail. Big Show escaped and delivered a giant punch to get the victory.


Big Show’s return to being a fan favorite has launched him back into the title picture.





SES backstage segment:


CM Punk talks to Selena and Luke Gallows about losing his hair. He never shows his new look as he left his towel over his face.



Vickie Guerrero backstage segment:


Guerrero reminded Vance Archer and Curt Hawkins that they have only fifteen days left to make an impact.


Guerrero thanked Dolph Ziggler for assisting her in the beat down of Christian and Hornswoggle last week.


Guerrero looked like she was checking out Ziggler and mentioned that she was the “official consultant”.


Guerrero told Ziggler that he will team with Chavo Guerrero to face Christian and Hornswoggle.


The camera zoomed into Guerrero’s necklace that read “Cougar”.



CM Punk vs. Kane:


CM Punk walked to the ring with the towel over his head. CM Punk took off his towel in the ring to reveal his new look. CM Punk is wearing a black SES mask under the towel. Matt Stryker is impressed with CM Punk’s decision to wear a mask.


Kane made sense for this match due to his interference last week when he assisted Rey Mysterio.

He however hasn’t been a real World title threat in some time.


Kane attempted to unmask CM Punk during their match without success. SES interfered which resulted in a “GTS” and a victory for CM Punk.


CM Punk has now qualified for the World Heavyweight Championship at “Fatal Four Way”.


The mask is a great idea and seems to add some spark to an SES angle that was getting bland.





Dolph Ziggler/Chavo Guerrero vs. Christian/Hornswoggle:


The match is better than you might have expected. Hornswoggle even got some offense on Ziggler. Ziggler tossed Hornswoggle to the ring floor by his beard. Ziggler was later tossed out by Christian.


Guerrero attempted a frog splash but missed and led to Christian dropping him with the “Kill Switch” to get the victory.


Ziggler attacked Christian afterward and put him out with a sleeper hold.





Next week match announcement:


Kofi Kingston will defend his title to Drew McIntyre next week.



Lay-Cool Promo:


Women’s Champion Layla El and Michelle McCool send Josh Matthews away. They explained the history of the title and why they have two titles.



MVP vs. Luke Gallows:


MVP controlled the start of the match until Gallows complained of an eye injury. Gallows sent MVP to the outside and landed some shots.


MVP mounted a comeback and dropped his trade mark “Ballin” elbow drop.


Gallows rolled to the outside but was met by a flying forearm from MVP. MVP tossed Gallows back into the ring.


MVP was attacked by the masked SES member and was pushed back in the ring.


Gallows delivered his finisher and got the surprising victory.




Raw Rewind:


Batista was shown complaining about being forced to fight last week at Raw against Orton. Bret Hart announced that Randy Orton qualified for the WWE Championship at “Fatal Four Way” by forfeit. Batista then told the WWE Universe that he quit the WWE.



Rey Mysterio vs. Undertaker:


This was a huge pay-per-view caliber match for the main event. Both Mysterio and Undertaker got big pops at their entrances.


Mysterio landed a high flying spot on Undertaker on the outside. The Undertaker used his power advantage to ground Mysterio’s aerial assault.


Undertaker brutalized Mysterio on the outside until he threw him back inside the ring.


Mysterio landed some more high flying spots and hit the “619”. When Mysterio went for the “West Coast Pop” he was caught by the throat.


Mysterio went for a moonsault but was caught by the Undertaker. He proceeded to deliver the “Tombstone” to get the victory and qualify for the championship match.




Overall Rating: 7.5/10







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