When Does Hockey Season Start Again? Part VI: Just a Couple of Months to Go!

The Captain -Brian KatesSenior Analyst IJuly 22, 2008

As Ken Armer wrote in his July 9 article "Ken's Top NHL Writers All-Star Team," hockey fans and writers alike are scrambling for things to write about. I am no different. I have searched sites, blogs, articles, etc. and everyone just seems to be vying their time for the season to start.

Even NHL.com has only been covering the draft (boring to me) or contract extensions or trying to get hockey fans to buy stuff they really don't need. So I will continue with this trend.

What's up this time, Captain...

The Detroit Red Wings have posted their 2008-9 season schedule. That's it. That's all there is.

Anything else?

The Wings have said "Goodbye" to a couple of players. Net minder Dominick Hasek and Forward Dallas Drake have hung up their skates, choosing retirement over playing another season. I don't blame them. They have spent a couple of decades in the NHL and figure it's time to pass the baton to younger players.

When I heard the news about the two of them, I was going to write tribute articles to them. I was going to express how much they contributed to the game, the NHL and the fans, over their playing days.

Well, I was beaten to the punch, over and over again. The B/R (and especially the NHL page) was saturated with stories about them.

I did put in my two-cents about the acquisition of Marian Hossa, but that has been the big Red Wing news since winning the Cup.

We all continue the scramble game...

Some of you have really come up with interesting articles for us hockey fans. I tip my hat to you. Trivia games and articles that have really caused all of us to really use our brains.

The rest of us will just bide our time until the season starts up again. It should be an interesting one, at that. The Wings will play every team in the league this season.

Confession time...

I do keep up with the Wings and after playing for so long when I was younger, I know a lot about the game.

Where I fail is with the other teams in the league. I know the popular players; Joe Thornton from San Jose, Mike Modano of Dallas, Sydney Crosby from Pittsburgh, etc.

This next season, with the help of NHL Center Ice, the NHL Network, and you folks, I should get more into it.

I will also being writing on Michigan Football and their quest for a National Championship under new Head Coach, Rich Rodriguez. And, of course, I will throw in an article or two about the Tulsa Oilers, the local CHL team.

Until then, I will probably read and edit articles from the "Bleacher Creatures" to bide my time.

The Red Wings start their preseason near the end of September against the Montreal Canadiens at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit. To me, that sounds like the sweetest time of the year.