NCAA: The Most Unoriginal Team Nicknames

Tyler JonesAnalyst IJuly 22, 2008

With all the different mascots and team nicknames I've come across in my years of watching college sports, I've recently become weary of a few. It's those team names you hear in schools of all sizes and grades around the country.

It's the ones you hear in matchups like "The battle of the (fill your plural mascot nickname here)”

What I'm talking about is unoriginal team nicknames in college sports, and there are plenty of them. Trust me.

And as recent mascot and team nickname rantings have motivated me, I will discuss my list for the 15 most unoriginal team nicknames in college sports, from least to most unoriginal (16 with an honorable mention).

Before I start this list, a few things should be noted. First of all, if your team has anything to do with a cat, it's probably on the list. Cat nicknames are by far the most unoriginal and someone needs to build some imagination when coming up with them.

Bears aren't much better either.

With that said, get ready. My little brother's field hockey team wants its nickname back.

Honorable Mention: Broncos—Mustangs could also fit into this category of horses. Both are horrible and sound like some high school football team in Texas...or Denver.

15. Knights—This is not too team specific, but we've all seen the task of adding something to this in a feeble attempt to make it original (The Scarlet Knights, The Golden Knights, etc.).

14. Falcons—Okay. We're not getting too bad yet, but this one still doesn't work. Bird names is another category that is simply uncreative. We'll go with Falcons here and mention another bird later.

13. Panthers—Here come the cats. For the Panthers' sake, at least they are the lowest cat ranked on the list. I can't say the same for the others.

12. Cardinals—The other bird. I guess Stanford doesn't fit here, but there are plenty in sports, and at least one that I can think of in college sports (sorry, Louisville).

11. Cowboys—We all know cowboys roamed the western United States through our developing history. If another sports team nickname reminds me of it again, I think I'll hurl.

10. Spartans—This unoriginal nickname. This is one I've seen more in high school sports than a lot of these others. Sparty may look kind of cool, but the nickname is effortless.

9. Eagles—Another one where combos are used to try something exciting sounding. Also, it's another one you see all over the map.

8. Cougars—Cats again. Nothing else needs to be said except we're certainly not done with these animals.

7. Bruins—This one I hate. I can't count the times I played a team named "Bruins" in sports I played growing up. A little better than "Bears," but not much.

6. Indians—Just like Cowboys. Don't get this one twisted though. Names like “Seminoles" and "Illini" don't fall into this category. Those are original in their relevance of location and other things. Here, we mean simply "Indians."

The only problem with this listing is that the NCAA is getting rid of this one for me, but for different reasons.

5. Trojans—Yes USC. Your nickname is one of the worst. No creativity. Plus, there's plenty of you in college sports, including the university I graduated from (hint: it's not Troy). The Trojans are everywhere.

4. Bears—Everywhere as well, in college and all over sports. Well, I guess it's an animal that we can all identify (which is what makes it so unoriginal).

3. Wild Cats—Countless teams are named Wild Cats. Just how easy does that sound? Wild Cats. I mean, they're freaking all over the place. Someone, please just give this one up. And the worst part; we're not done with the cats yet.

2. Bulldogs—I have no clue how many teams in the college and high school level I've heard of named Bulldogs. It has to be over a million though. Why do they constantly pick the bulldog?

You think maybe the "Pitbulls" or something like that would be more intimidating, but I digress. This is about originality and "Bulldogs" simply has none whatsoever.

1.Tigers—Save the worst cat for last. That would be you LSU, Missouri, Auburn , Memphis, and the countless other Tigers I've encountered through my viewing of college sports. By far the worst nickname ever.

And throwing "fighting" on the front of it doesn't help. At least there's War Ea...oh wait. That doesn't work either.