Critical Thinking: Is Drew McIntyre Really The "Chosen One"?

Nicholas LeVack@NicholasLeVackContributor IIMarch 20, 2017

Onscreen, Drew McIntyre is the McMahon-endorsed future world champion. Backstage, rumor has it Drew's fallen a bit out of favor after proving to be high-maintenance and overbearing, as has been the downfall of a lot of promising young wrestlers. 

Reports have indicated that Triple H and Shawn Michaels, not necessarily Vince McMahon, were Drew's main proponents for his initial push.

So even if presently he's lost some affection from management, if Triple H is still behind him, we can certainly still expect big things out of him -- whether we like it or not.

How exactly would most of the Internet Wrestling Community (IWC) respond to "The Chosen One"?

Obviously I don't represent every pro wrestling fan with Internet access, but as I see it, Drew McIntyre is a carbon copy of Triple H. His wrestling is characterized mostly by ring presence and an emphasis on that old school, brawler technique guys like Randy Orton and Triple H are such great examples of.

His biggest contrast from Triple H is that Drew doesn't have as developed of a move set, which is pretty pathetic considering how easy it is to just get on YouTube, search for some indie videos, and find a few cool moves to throw into your matches.

I'm not saying that signature moves are the most important aspects of a wrestler's style, but do you really think Jeff Hardy would have gotten as over without his Whisper in the Wind and Swanton Bomb?

You could argue that heels don't require as flashy of a move-set, but since they're supposed to control the majority of the match, they should still be prepared with enough moves for the various times they will halt a face's false comebacks throughout a match. Or would you rather they end a face's momentum every time with a clothesline?

Drew McIntyre is strong on the mic, with a far more intelligible accent than his fellow Triple H protégé, Sheamus, and his character has done well in sustaining heel heat throughout a match and during his promos. Being Vince McMahon's handpicked future main eventer is perhaps one of the best bookings a heel could hope to start with.

If at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view, there are really two Money in the Bank matches (one for each brand), though we'd love to see someone like Christian or Matt Hardy win Smackdown's, should Drew regain some of his favor, it wouldn't surprise me if he came away as Mr. Money in the Bank.

I don't think Drew has what it takes to light the IWC on fire. However, he's a good size, he's strong, good looking, and great on the stick, so it won't surprise me to see him become a world champion in the next year or so.

Vince loves him some muscley Scotsmen.